OFFPRICE: Discounted Wholesale Ahead of the Trend

woman shoppingOFFPRICE held their annual OPNYC show last month, May 2 – 3rd at New York City’s Gotham Hall. At the heart of New York City’s garment district, OPNYC is a must-attend show for retailers looking to stay ahead of industry trends. OFFPRICE’s Publishing Editor, Jasmine Glasheen, says show attendance stayed strong in 2016 and noted that styles including Athleisure are still very popular. Crossover items were also dominant at the OPNYC show. “There was a lot of crochet this year,” said Glasheen. “We expect crochet to be even more prevalent next year. There are, of course, plenty of leggings, but the industry is slowly shifting back to denim. High fashion retailers are trying to implement a shift towards wide leg denim, so we are starting to see the trickle down of that trend.”

Now OFFPRICE is gearing up for their August 13– 16th show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV during Las Vegas Fashion Week. Like the OPNYC show, OFFPRICE Las Vegas is an industry-only event offering apparel, accessories, footwear, and jewelry for 20% – 70% below regular wholesale prices. “We have attendees who buy and exhibit at both shows, and people who are exclusive to New York or Las Vegas,” says Glasheen. “One of the biggest differences between OFFPRICE and other tradeshows is that ours is an order writing show. The product is already made, so you can write an order for the items you need and have it sent to you within two weeks. At other shows the order is sent to the manufacturer, who then creates the product, causing long waits for inventory. The OFFPRICE show is great for fulfilling merchandise gaps immediately.”

Glasheen says of the upcoming Las Vegas event, “Most retailers will be buying for the fall season. Whenever there are unexpected climate changes, those trickle down to us. OFFPRICE is offprice show productsable to get a lot more goods, specifically brand name goods.” As a result of last year’s warmer winter, retailers can expect great deals on cold-weather apparel and accessories to stock up for the upcoming seasons. At the August show, “There will still be a lot of leggings and athleisure,” continues Glasheen. “We will see some trends similar to those at OPNYC. However, some vendors will come in with great prices on spring and summer goods to finish out the season. Some vendors will even have a sneak peek of fall merchandise. Branded goods are doing increasingly well in the off-price market and the demand for them is increasing.”

Glasheen recommends utilizing all the resources OFFPRICE brand has to offer. “When preparing to attend our show, make sure to download our OFFPRICE app. You can track where you want to go and simplify your experience. There is also an online exhibitor list and floor plan. New and returning attendees can set up buyer tours with a Q&A – we give you a list of questions to ask each exhibitor to make the experience less intimidating. We also have a buyer relations team whose job is to make sure you have a successful experience.”

In addition to their trade shows, OFFPRICE provides information, insight, tips, and trends yearlong through their social media platforms, blog, and Off-Price Retailing Magazine. ?

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