HiDow International: Therapeutic Pain Relief

Hi-Dow kiosk in mallOver 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Each year we spend $2.6 billion on over-the-counter pain medications. With roughly one in three Americans suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis, many people are searching for alternative ways of finding relief instead of just masking symptoms.

HiDow International’s mission is to provide pain relief for acute and chronic body aches and stiffness through their own unique tested and FDA approved electrotherapy devices. HiDow CEO Eric Chen first used a similar product during a physical therapy visit. “With the increase in cost of healthcare, reliance on pills, and drugs with side effects we saw an opportunity to improve existing TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology and make it available for over the counter sales,” says VP Bob James.

HiDow TENS devices work by sending signals or pulses into muscles causing minor contractions. These pulses improve circulation and cause the body to naturally release pain relieving endorphins. “Our device is unique,” says James. “Instead of one single steady pulse, our device has multiple pulses to help with relaxation. It feels like a deep tissue massage. It feels good, it’s smooth, and it helps relieve pain.”

The TENS devices can be used anywhere on the body. Many people keep one at their office to help manage back, neck, and shoulder pain. Athletes use the devices to help warm up before workouts, and afterwards to help relax muscles. HiDow recently released their first wireless model with a remote handset. “The new model is selling very well,” says James. “The next step is a wireless touchscreen device, which we will probably launch late summer this year.”

According to James, HiDow products do very well in mall kiosk environments, health clubs, salons, supplement and nutrition stores, spas, and any other store related to health care or wellness. “Our product is demonstrationHi-Dow kiosk based,” says James. “Our primary platform is high traffic areas where we can have demonstrations and really promote the product. We can sit people down and actually have them try it. People might not be familiar with the technology so it’s important to show them.” If a constant demonstration is not practical for your setup, James recommends having a video on display to showcase the product, and make sure employees are able to demonstrate the product and explain how it works to potential customers.

HiDow International owns their factory with in-house quality control. Since there is no middleman, prices are competitive. Suggested retail prices range from $99 – $699 depending on the functions and features of the TENS device. Products must be purchased by thirty-six piece cases. James recommends that retailers new to HiDow’s products start with a mid range device and some accessories to be able to offer a package deal. From there, he suggests adding a range of devices to be able to offer customers good, better, and best options.

Comprehensive training is offered to all retailers three or four times per year at HiDow headquarters in St. Louis. The training is several days long and teaches attendees about the science behind the TENS products, selling techniques, anatomy, and how to use the different devices. There is also separate management training on business practices and staff management. “We have people from all over the country who attend our trainings,” says James. “The RSVPs come in very quickly and our spaces fill up right away.” HiDow aims to create lasting partnerships with their retailers, and provide all the tools they need to succeed.

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