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dc jamesD.C. Jaymes & Company has supplied independent retailers across the country with labeling and pricing solutions for over forty years. It may not be the sexiest topic, however having an organized and efficient labeling system in place for your store is essential to your business. Proper systems can help avoid pricing errors during checkout, theft, and help accurately manage inventory tracking. As we head into the holiday season, now is the time to make sure your labeling system is up to par. Independent Retailer talks with Kimberly Walls, daughter of D.C. Jaymes founder Dean James, to discuss thier bar code and labeling solutions, and her advice for retailers.

What type of bar code solutions do you offer?

We sell bar code printers and blank labels, but we also print bar codes for businesses so that they don’t have the expense of buying a printer and the task of learning the software. We also sell printers and labels to wholesalers. Sometimes it is much easier to have items bar coded at the manufacturing or wholesale level.

So, do retailers need their own printers?

I usually recommend that retailers buy their own printer if they need a lot of different bar code numbers, but only want small quantities of each. Not all wholesalers or manufacturers actually label their products. dc james

What printers do you sell?

The printers that we sell are TSC and Datamax.

What are some advantages to retailers printing their own labels?

It is much more cost effective than having to buy 500 of each barcode from us. Additionally, retailers can ad a description to the bar code to deter customers from price switching. It would be hard to switch a label that said “glass vase” with one that said “baseball cap.” Retailers can also add their store name, logo, etc. to the label.

Is there a standard or popular label size?

We sell labels as small as 1” x .5” and as large as 4” x 6”. Most of our customers are using these for putting UPCs on their products so they tend to use the smaller labels such as 1.3” x .5” or 1.25” x .75”.

What are some advantages of ordering labels instead of printing them?

It can save a lot of time; it’s very convenient. You don’t have the investment of the printer, or the learning curve of the software. You also don’t have to take the time to actually print them.dc james

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