GlobalShop: Experience Defines You

GlobalShopGlobalShop, owned by Emerald Expositions, is a unique trade show that combines retail design, merchandising, shopper-facing technology, and marketing under one roof. The goal is to promote retail growth, education, and innovation.  2017 marks the 25th anniversary of GlobalShop to commemorate the accomplishment, the trade show will host a special thematic show focusing on Millennials “as a gift to attendees,” says vice president Doug Hope. “It made headlines when baby boomers became the minority generation and Millennials took over as the largest age group. The one thing that’s pretty well understood is that Millennials don’t buy stuff so much as experiences. So for retailers, the pathway to Millennials is through creating a great experience and good memories.”

To help retailers reach this audience, GlobalShop’s theme for 2017 is “Experience Defines You.” Their next show, March 28 – 30th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, will feature “exhibitors who are creating experience spaces on the show floor itself,” explains Hope. “Creating an experience is about engaging customers, providing great service, powerful visuals, and a simple shopping experience that translates from digital to physical.”

GlobalShopGlobalShop is a valuable asset to independent retailers because “indie retailers have the advantage of being more nimble,” says Hope. When it comes to crafting an experience and creating the perfect store environment, independent retailers are more in tune with their shoppers and can move much faster than chain stores. “They can have a better sense of what’s working and what’s not in their stores, and can change displays and signage on a more frequent level,” continues Hope.

The exhibitors at GlobalShop are very independent-friendly. According to GlobalShop’s vendor survey over 70% of respondents “absolutely” want to work with independent retailers. Hope advises that when attending the show and collaborating with exhibitors, “We’ve found it’s helpful for retailers to bring photos with their store’s interior to get concrete suggestions.” In addition to interactions and recommendations from technology, marketing, merchandising, and design vendors, GlobalShop provides many speakers and educational sessions, including their popular roundtable discussions where all types of retailers can share insights and best practices. “It’s a great learning experience,” says Hope. “Participants have been very transparent and very engaged in these sessions.” To learn more about GlobalShop including exhibitors, speakers, and educational sessions visit