Increase Sales with Engaging Product Descriptions

02jan2017_mb_online-sales_1_thFor any online seller, product descriptions can either boost or cripple sales. Of course, descriptions need to communicate a product’s basic physical attributes to potential consumers, including dimensions, colors, materials, etc. But that alone is not enough. Instead of just describing your product to shoppers, you need to sell it. Your online product page should play the same role as a sales associate would play in a physical store. Follow these tips to create an engaging and effective product description.

Who Are You Talking To?

What is your target audience? Who is buying this product? Imagine your ideal consumer including their likes, dislikes, interests, and other products they’re buying. Once you have a vivid understanding of who is reading your description, it’s easier to speak to them directly. Avoid generalized statements such as “superior quality” or “excellent customer service.” Almost every company would say their products are high quality and their service is excellent. Instead, use phrases that have tangible numbers or specifics that directly offer something to the consumer. For example “patented design,” or “representatives available to answer questions 24/7” are better alternatives to “superior quality” and “excellent customer service.”

Features Tell, Benefits Sell

Many product descriptions are product-centric. Meaning, they emphasize what the product has versus what it can do for the consumer. These pages should be consumer-centric, offering readers direct takeaways. So, each descriptor should offer a benefit. For example, “Genuine handmade leather for lasting comfort,” “Stain and water resistant for durable wear,” or “Rubber outsole for ultimate wet and dry traction.” Going the extra mile to add a benefit to the consumer for each feature of the product will help separate your items from competitors and instill confidence in shoppers.

Optimize for SEO

The higher your web page appears in search results, the better traffic to your website will be. Higher traffic hopefully leads to higher sales. Search engines are most concerned with its users and their experiences. In other words, connecting people with the most relevant sites for what they’re looking for. This all connects back to the idea of being consumer-centric. So, think about the words and phrases people would type into the search bar if they were looking for your product. Then, make sure these phrases are incorporated into your product description page. Above all else, the phrases should be helpful and beneficial to readers.

Build Credibility

It’s one thing for you to say your product is great. It means much more to consumers if someone else says so. Build credibility for your product or brand by having any combination of testimonials, magazine or media mentions, or online reviews on the same page as the product. Reviews help eliminate doubt for shoppers, especially when they can’t see or feel the product for themselves. Most shoppers make a point to look up reviews before purchasing online. If you have the reviews right there on your site, you’re not only streamlining the process for shoppers, but also lessening the risk of them leaving your website and purchasing from a competitor.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

The more visually dynamic your page is, the longer shoppers will linger. Even if you craft a perfect description backed with consumer reviews and media recommendations, if it doesn’t have the visual interest to hold attention, it won’t be very effective. The majority of web users skim over content until something catches their eye. Very few actually read every word. For this reason, it’s important to break up content into short chunks with bullets, subheadings, images, and other visuals.

Finally, don’t forget to spellcheck. Simple typos and grammatical errors are an easy way to kill credibility. However, by taking the time to articulate who your audience is, what they are looking for, and what benefits they will receive from your product, your product description page can serve as a virtual sales associate. Package it together in a layout that has lots of visuals and is easy to read, and shoppers will feel much more confident about your company and clicking “Submit Order.”