5 Ways a Blog Connects Customers to Your Brand

BloggingBy Donna Henderson

Blogging is a huge part of business in today’s world. Every business needs a blog for countless reasons, but chief of them all is for connecting customers to your brand. Your brand is present in all kinds of forms, but your blog is integral to the foundation of that connection. We’re going to look at five ways your blog establishes this incredibly important bond with your customers.

People associate brands with certain emotions and experiences. To create these bonds, you need to give them a place to engage with your brand in a number of different ways. In the end, it’s all about providing a memorable experience. Regardless of your store’s budget, a blog can facilitate and promote these experiences. Let’s find out how they connect!

1. A Showcase For Your Brand’s Voice

Your blog is the platform from which you can deliver your store’s message. The content of the blog illustrates the voice that you’ve adopted and the approach you want to take as a company. While you can accomplish this to an extent on social media, by pairing social media posts with your blog as a means of promoting your store, you can reach even further with your message.

2. Your Blog Builds Trust and Authority

You have very likely already made the decision to give your business an online presence; the next step should be winning over new customers. You can do this in the short term with promotions and deep discounts, but you can win over additional long-term customers by giving them a reason to trust you and your store’s brand.

As you create content for your blog, you show your readers that you have a keen understanding of your industry and clientele, and therefore, you offer insight that is useful to them. Whether it is fashion advice, news on upcoming trends and new products, or just a quick note to tell them about a product’s new arrival, this creates a great bond with your brand through trust and loyalty.

3. A Platform For Telling Your Story

Storytelling is a major buzzword right now, and for good reason. It’s a perfect way to lend emotion and understanding to your store’s brand. It also provides customers with a memorable experience to take with them.

Incorporate storytelling into your blog with quick anecdotes and interesting ways to present your store’s products.

4. A Safe Place to Engage Your Audience

While social media is a great place to engage your audience, it can also be pretty noisy. You will get a lot of relevant comments, but you may also get a lot of comments or side conversations that get in the way of engaging with your audience.

Your blog represents a focused place for people to connect with your store. Everybody there wants to be there, and they are interested in discussing your content.

5. Countless Opportunities For Engagement

Your blog houses tons of different tools for engagement. Between social media share buttons, email opt-in forms, and of course, blog comments, you have a lot of options for connecting with your customers and making them feel special.

Engagement drives that important connection with your store’s brand, and your blog offers it in spades.