Rocket POS: Reliable and Capable

Rocket POSThe original Rocket Point of Sale software was designed from scratch exclusively for Windows by Leslie Glass, founder, and president of Rocket POS and Inc. Today’s version of Rocket POS is used by just under ten thousand retailers nationwide. The software system is “designed for mom and pop stores,” says Glass. “It’s meant to be affordable. We sell the software for the same price we started with twenty years ago —around $1,000.”

Easy to Use

Since Rocket POS first hit the market in 1997, the price and ease of use have stayed consistent. “It’s a system that doesn’t require a lot of training,” says Glass. “It’s so easy that kids can use it.” Part of what makes Rocket POS so intuitive is that it’s highly customizable.  “You can design the screens how you want them, you can control which screens come up when you press certain buttons, and you can customize what those buttons look like,” explains Glass.

Despite being easy to use, Rocket POS is very powerful. “We have customers with over one million SKUs,” says Glass. “We also work with distributors who have over 40,000 customers and customized billing. Our POS can accommodate a very large amount of data.”

Internal and External Communications

The interface makes the large data pools very accessible to users and business owners. Retailers can customize daily reports to be emailed to them at the end of each business day. “We also keep a running list of what our customers ask for. If someone needs a specific report that’s not already part of the software, we can make that work,” continues Glass. Reports can be customized to specific date and time ranges and can be viewed as PDFs, sent to your printer, email, or viewed right on the screen. Reports can also be password protected.

Retailers and their employees can email or text customers directly through the Rocket POS software. This allows you to easily send out customized promotions, notifications, and messages based on purchasing history.

EMV Regulations

“Our software meets all the current EMV regulations for credit card integration,” explains Glass. For many retailers, EMV, or chip-reading technology, compliance has been a very expensive and drawn-out process. Rocket POS meets all of the current standards. Glass regularly releases upgrades to continue to meet compliance requirements and to accommodate customer requests. Most EMV compliance updates and minor updates are free of charge after purchasing the software.

Tech Support

Tech support is available to all customers for training, questions, and general assistance. “We have tech support who will dial into your computer and help with upgrades, installing a new POS, and you can sit there and watch everything he is doing,” says Glass. “We can do all sorts of training and demos remotely.”

A 45-day trial version of Rocket POS is available for retailers to test out before purchasing. “There’s no difference between the demo mode and the purchased software,” explains Glass. So you have the ability to test out the full version and of the software’s capabilities. To learn more about Rocket POS, visit