NEBO: LED Tools for Every Consumer

NeboSince LED flashlights hit in a big way over a decade ago, NEBO® has been building an extensive distribution network of independent retailers throughout the country. Featuring their signature counter display merchandising system for each item, NEBO® has introduced hundreds of popular flashlights and work lights sold through hardware stores, battery retailers, sporting goods, gift providers, convenience stores, and auto parts stores, among other retailers.

NEBO® is part of a family-owned and operated company, Alliance Sports Group®, that was founded over 40 years ago. “Today NEBO® is one of the largest flashlight companies in the world,” says Kurt Baxter, VP of Marketing. “We offer over a dozen new items each year featuring the latest innovation in lighting technology.”

NEBO® designs, manufactures and distributes durable and practical LED light products. One of their newest and bestselling lights is the SLYDE KING. This model is a powerful, rechargeable flashlight and work light combination.  “The SLYDE KING is a new version of our best-selling light of all time, the SLYDE,” says Baxter. “We upgraded all the features and added recharging capabilities to it.” The BIG Larry work light is another top seller. It features an all-aluminum body and bright 400 lumen LED light capable of lighting an entire room.

Two of the newly introduced items by NEBO® that have been extremely popular are the Flipit portable light and the CRYKET work light. The Flipit is a portable light that looks like a light switch, but features a powerful 215 Lumen LED light that requires no wires and no tools to hang up. The CRYKET is a handy and versatile light with a 9 position swivel head for optimum placement of light beam. 02Feb2017---2_110

In addition to work lights and flashlights, NEBO® carries a variety of firearm, fishing, biking, and accessory lights. One of their more popular accessory lights is the CaseBrite. This product is a phone case with a built-in LED light that is much brighter than the standard smartphone light. The CaseBrite contains an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is available for both the iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus and the newest version for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Baxter says NEBO®’s innovation, design, and merchandising are what separate them from the competition. “NEBO® introduces 10-15 new products every year. We design and manufacture the products ourselves to capitalize on advanced technology, consumer appeal, and great margins for retailers,” explains Baxter. Their designs focus on both aesthetics and function. “Consumers recognize this as being unique to NEBO®,” he continues.

In addition to supplying customers with new products and innovative designs, NEBO® also assists with merchandising efforts. “We have POS and countertop displays created to optimize impulse sales, which maximizes the profitability of valuable countertop real estate,” says Baxter. “Flashlights are mostly impulse purchases so they need to be merchandised near the counter, register, or other high-traffic areas. You will sell many flashlights if you follow this basic guide.”

The majority of NEBO®’s products are in the $10-$30 MSRP range. Retail margins are typically 45% – 55%. Currently, NEBO® is offering a free sample of their best-selling products to qualified retailers. First-time orders receive free shipping. Free shipping on secondary orders is available for qualifying purchases. Wholesale minimum order is one case of any item. NEBO® also has a Guaranteed Buyback Program. Conditions apply, however NEBO® will buyback remaining unsold merchandise and pay for return freight after 90 days.

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