Handmade Vintage Designs from Textile & Twine

textileTextile & Twine is a unique small business offering wholesale designer vintage aprons and kitchen accessories. Founder Danielle Mathis started the company when she was just 16 years old. “My mom saw me sketch clothing designs my whole life, and one day asked me if I wanted to learn how to sew. I was immediately enamored!” One of her favorite pastimes was wandering JoAnn’s® fabrics perusing all the patterns. “One day I happened on a vintage revival line. My mom cooked dinner every night, so I knew I could make aprons as practice pieces and she would get some use out of them,” explains Mathis. “I bought the patterns and got to work. At first, my pieces didn’t look so great. But, as my sewing skills got stronger, my mom would take pictures of the aprons and post them online. Her friends just thought they were the cutest things, and they started ordering from me. Pretty soon, her friend’s friends were ordering too. From there, a business was born.”

Mathis was always inspired by vintage fashions and design. “I loved watching old movies and television shows when I was growing up. You’ll recognize some of my favorite leading ladies of the past in the names of my apron styles, including Marilyn Monroe and Gidget. I love how ladies back then looked so polished and put together at all times, even just around the house. That image has always stuck with me.”

Today, Mathis still makes all of Textile & Twine products by hand right at home in Atlanta, Georgia. “They all start as flat fabric on a bolt,” she says. “I make the patterns by hand, cut them out with my trusty shears, and sew everything together on my industrial sewing machine.” Her collections include French Maid, Gidget, and Marilyn aprons with retro, vintage, and colorful patterns. She also creates half aprons, children’s aprons, and accessories such as oven mitts, potholders, dishtowels, and more.textile

The order minimum is just $150. “I like to keep it low, so it’s an approachable amount,” says Mathis. She asks for three weeks lead time to create your wholesale order. Buyers can mix and match any fabric options as they please. For more information and to view her collections visit www.TextileandTwine.com.