What’s Next for Fidget Spinners?

spinnersHave fidget spinners peaked? It all started with a Forbes article last December naming fidget spinners the “must have office toy of 2017.” Since then, the gadgets steadily gained momentum, becoming popular with kids all over the country. Spinners went viral in April and May when schools started banning the toys. They were the cover story of our June issue of Independent Retailer.

Almost every retailer was quick to jump on the fidget spinner madness. The inexpensive colorful plastic models quickly permeated pop culture. National retailer Five Below® saw a 21 percent increase in new sales for Q1, largely thanks to classic fidget spinner sales.

The initial viral aspect of the fidget spinner trend is behind us. Google activity around fidget spinners peaked in May. YouTube searches peaked that same month. Though we are on the tail end of their explosiveness that does not mean spinners are going away. When they first popped into the market, there were lots of questions about what spinners are and where they came from — hence peak Google activity. By now, everyone knows what fidget spinners are and where to buy them. Google search trends reflect news and current events, but not necessarily market activity. Only 26 percent of online purchases actually start on search engines. For people buying fidget spinners, they’re going directly to their preferred retailers. In fact, many retailers and industry experts argue that spinner sales will carry throughout the holiday season. spinner

Like any other craze that sweeps through our nation’s middle schools, fidget spinner teen madness can’t last forever. But, that doesn’t mean they are completely disappearing from our marketplace. Spinners are solidifying their longevity by also appealing to older consumers and collectors. At the height of the fad, inexpensive plastic spinners that retail for $5 were the most popular. Now, manufacturers and entrepreneurs are coming up with unique higher-end spinners to appeal to the changing consumer base. Blue tooth speaker spinners, stackable spinners, LED spinners, gold plated spinners, lip gloss fidget spinners, and even Kim Kardashian spinners are all recent and popular additions to the marketplace. Several of our wholesale partners offer new and unique spinners to differentiate your store from the masses and continue successful sales through the holiday season.

Spinners Rule

Spinners Rule offers eye-catching and trendy fidget spinners while keeping affordable and parent-friendly price points. Some of their popular spinners include artsy swirl prints that boast long spin times. They also carry transparent spinners with colorful moving glitter inside at only $2.95 wholesale. Spinners Rule also has metallic Batman® spinners and LED Bluetooth spinners. Minimum order is $150 with free shipping and fast delivery. Special start-up packages with free displays are also available. Visit www.SpinnersRule.com for more information.

Flipo Wholesale

Flipo Group specializes in sourcing and developing quality and innovative products. Their spinner selection includes collectible gold, metallic, and copper spinners in unique designs.  These weighty spinners are aesthetically pleasing and have a difference you can feel. Flipo Group also offers classic spinners, LED spinners, and aluminum spinners. For more information visit www.FlipoWholesale.com.

Just Speed

Just Speed offers fidget spinners in an impressive assortment of colors including metallic, patterned, tie dye, and glow in the dark varieties. Their motto is “good service, aggressive prices, and up to date styles and trends,” so you know you’re getting the latest and greatest for your store. Just Speed also offers fidget cubes and fidget flippers. Visit www.JustSpeed.com for details.