Takeaways from August 2017 Independent Retailer Conference

IRThe Sumner Communications team recently attended the Independent Retailer Conference (IRC) held at ASD Market Week. This valuable resource for all retailers welcomed industry experts, service providers, and retail innovators of all kinds to provide insight, keynotes, seminars, panel discussions, and break out sessions. Independent Retailer Conference co-founder Nicole Rehyle partnered with award-winning industry titans Kizer & Bender to provide four days of knowledge-based programming with actionable takeaways. IR

Kizer & Bender
Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender are professional speakers, retail strategists, authors, consultants, and consumer anthropologists. The dynamic retail duo is known for their unique and intensive consumer research. They are the authors behind the Retail Adventures blog. At IRC, in addition to serving as the show’s master of ceremonies, the show, Kizer & Bender shared tips on how to create unique customer experiences through The Crackle Factor™. Connect with them on Twitter and Instagram @KizerandBender.

IRCathy Donovan Wagner
Cathy Donovan Wagner is the expert behind RETAIL Mavens, a coaching and consulting team that promises independent retailers “more profit and better sleep.” Wagner specializes in handling the nitty-gritty details of retail such as cash flow and inventory management. At IRC, Wagner shared secrets on moving inventory faster, ending cash drain, doubling foot traffic, and the crowd favorite, “Why All Brick and Mortar Stores Should Love – not Fear – Amazon.” Find Wagner on Twitter and Facebook @RetailMavens.

Dor Technologies
Dor is an accurate, reliable, and easy-to-install foot traffic solution for retailers. Dor’s vice president of sales and marketing, Sean Lakind, shared insight into an often-overlooked topic: the impact of weather on retail sales. Lakind broke down how almost nine out of every ten in-store dollars you make above or below average is due to the weather. He also offered insights on how to staff according to weather trends. Connect with Dor on Twitter and Instagram @DorTechnologies.

Many other experts, including New York Times Bestseller Bardi Toto, offered tips and tricks on marketing techniques, management practices, and most of all boosting sales. Independent Retailer had our own time on the stage, offering insight into Generation Z, including who this demographic is, what they expect from retailers, and what marketing tools are more effective in reaching them. The next Independent Retailer Conference will be held March 11 – 14th at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas. Hope to see you there!