My Audio Pet

audio petMy Audio Pet creator, KJ, is a musician at heart. KJ believes in the power of music to inspire, encourage, comfort and bring joy. He was looking for a way to help make music more accessible and fun. “It had to be something easily portable, fun to own, and above all it had to sound great,” KJ tells Independent Retailer. He was thinking of ways to do that when Shadow, the family dog, came into the office. “Inspiration hit and My Audio Pets were born,” he continues “The tiniest, cutest, most KICK BUTT Bluetooth Speakers on the planet.”

The original My Audio Pets have been on the market for a little over a year and have been met “with a whirlwind of love and celebration,” says KJ. Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to USA Today® has been talking about the tiny animal speakers. The newest designs, which feature True Wireless Stereo Technology, were just launched on Good Morning America® in June of 2017.

KJ says what makes My Audio Pet stand out from any other speaker on the market is “the power that comes from such a cute, tiny, fun package. It just blows people’s minds.” KJ says that “Wow,” “How is this happening,” and “I can’t believe this,” are some of the most common expressions he hears when people try My Audio Pets for the first time.

“The functionality is also really quite unique,” explains KJ. “The original Pets in addition to being a kick butt speaker, can function as a selfie remote. The new True Wireless Stereo Pets are the first mini-Bluetooth speakers to feature True Wireless Stereo capabilities. My Audio Pets are powerful, playful, and popular.”

audio petThough still relatively new to the market, My Audio Pet has been a steady and successful seller in gift retailers, boutiques, electronic, music, and cell phone accessory stores, toy stores, and bookstores. For retailers carrying My Audio Pets, KJ and his team offer lots of advertising support through social, print, and TV media coverage. They are also adding a “Where to Buy” section on their website to feature retailers carrying My Audio Pets. For more information visit