Health & Wellness Impulse Buys from Matt’s Incense

Matt's IncenseThe health and wellness market is an endlessly growing industry. Right before the busy holiday season is the perfect time to capitalize on this popular trend. Linda Simon of Matt’s Incense says, “October is a time when people are shopping with their pockets open for different holidays. What a great time to add an impulse item that appeals to such a diverse crowd of shoppers.”

Matt’s Incense has catered to the health and wellness market for over twenty-five years. Their flagship product is hand-dipped incense that they make in-house. Incense sticks are a popular product that often sells in multiples and offers retailers a particularly high mark up. “Our hand dipped incense is drenched in premium oils and sent direct to your door,” says Simon. “Our incense is not stockpiled. It’s hand-dipped incense made just for you. If you’re looking to start your own business or add additional impulse buys, we have the best quality incense at wholesale prices.”

Matt’s Incense custom blended body oils are also of the highest quality. “Our body oils have no alcohol which make them last all day,” says Simon. “We have the purest natural and essential oils that can also be blended into massage oils. Fantastic for the skin with a soothing, relaxing feel, our pure natural oils have skin regenerating and anti-aging effects on your skin. These oils are also great for aromatherapy.” With over 170 fragrances including custom blends, Matt’s Incense has everything you need to make your business a successful part of the next trillion dollar industry. Matt's Incense

In addition to incense and oils, “We now carry scarves, pashminas, polished stones, assorted crystal points, resin incense, white sage, charcoal discs, tapestries, scarves and lots of jewelry,” says Simon. “We also have a great line of mosquito repellant called ‘Skeeter Beaters,’” continues Simon. “They are 19” incense sticks soaked in a special blend of citronella and other fragrances to give a great smell while helping to keep those pesky flying insects away. With all this humid weather here in Florida and surrounding states it is still a great item even though fall is coming.” For more information visit