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GreenDropShip.comOrganic food products hit a record of $43 million in sales in 2016. When combined with natural and organic home, beauty, and skincare products, that number is even higher. According to USA Today, consumer demand for organically produced goods continues to show double-digit growth, providing market incentives for a wide range of products. Customers are buying natural and organic products, and more than ever those products are being purchased online. is a “membership-based wholesaler of natural and organic consumer packaged goods,” says Allen Kaplun, the director of the company. They offer a wide selection of name brand products including snacks, supplements, body care, skincare, and more. “Our product line is very similar to what you would see in Whole Foods,” says Kaplun. Their selection is over 20,000 SKUs and 800 brands of new products – not closeouts or liquidations. “All of our products are steady sources with trademark and distribution rights,” says Kaplun.

The annual membership is $149, which gives retailers access to deeply discounted wholesale prices, negotiated USPS and FedEx shipping rates for drop shipping, and support including high-resolution images and data feeds. “We purchase our products in million dollar volumes direct from manufactures so we can pass along the savings to small businesses,” says Kaplun. Their membership is a turnkey service for online retailers looking to drop ship natural and organic products. Through the membership model, online sellers can offer GreenDropShip products through their own website and online marketplaces without having to directly handle any inventory.

Constant Growth

Growing consumer demand for natural and organic products has led to expand to 20,000 SKUs from 12,000 in the past few years. In the coming months, GreenDropShip will also offer frozen foods. This tricky category is usually difficult for online retailers to carry due to sensitive shipping needs and expiration dates. However, GreenDropShip has the setup to offer these items fast and fresh. GreenDropShip is currently based out of Texas, and they are in the process of opening a second location in Pennsylvania to accommodate even faster shipping.

Fast-track Startup

Whether you have an existing e-commerce presence or are looking to start, GreenDropShip offers everything you need to take your business to the next level including a wide selection of popular brand name products, competitive pricing, reliable low-cost shipping, quick turnaround times, high-resolution images with the latest product packaging, and transparent inventory management.  

Kapum says, unlike apparel, which has high return rates for online purchases, grocery and personal care return rates are very low because, “Customers already know and use the brands they order. There’s no guesswork as to whether it’s the right fit or style.” 42 percent of total US consumer expenditures are directed at grocery, personal care, and household products. Visit to download their catalog and start selling.