Curation Nation: Benefits of Smart In-Store Presentation

store presentationBy Catherine Perry

To maximize brick and mortar sales, utilize curation to your benefit. As a small business you have the advantage over bigger stores for a more personal relationship with your customers. Using curation emphasizes organization and presentation of content related to the customer. Generally, entering a store like Sears® or Marshalls® can be overwhelming for any shopper. Buyers have to search thoroughly for items that appeal to them. Because these stores have such a broad spectrum of customers, it is more difficult to reach each of their customers individually. Instead, they generally present upcoming sales and popular items. This approach is not great when trying to appeal to individual customers.


If your business is one that focuses on style and fashion, clothes are a big part of your store. Use curation to sell products by dressing display mannequins in different styles or creating tasteful display windows. One or all of these models is bound to jump out to a shopper. This not only draws them into the store to buy an item, but encourages them to purchase more pieces to the ensemble you’ve created.

Even if your business is not fashion based, you can still use curation to bring in sales. Create appealing displays in welcoming windows. If your average customer is a family man, display the product in a family friendly environment, using the product in a way that draws them in. Depending on your product, there are various display ideas that can boost sales and customer satisfaction, just by the relatability of it.

Product Placement

Product placement can be a key factor in whether your product is a must or a bust. Shoppers are drawn to products that are readily available and placed obviously. Place products that you know will be big sellers in the front of the store or in the store’s centerpiece. Drawing attention to the product is half of the sale itself. If you predict the product will be a success then the immediate attention to it can only be positive.

Don’t be afraid to talk to shoppers and let them know why the product is great. You are part of this curation, based on how you place yourself in the store and advertise the products.

Ultimately, if you are able to follow these tips and curate product to the best of your ability, sales can soar. It’s all about customer satisfaction. Curation takes the reign of satisfying the customer on it’s own with minimal effort involved. It is not only easy but it is effective! Take these simple steps to organize an effective tool for boosting business and curate create and relate to your customers.