5 New Year Retail Resolutions

new yearThe New Year is a time for fresh starts. This is the perfect time to set up goals for business and make those much-needed changes that we never got around to in 2017. Start 2018 on the right track with these 5 New Year Retail Resolutions:

1. Integrate New Technologies
2017 was full of technology developments and a serious push for all retailers, no matter how small or large, to make big changes. 2018 is a great year to begin using new technology. Conduct research and figure out what will work best — in-store mobile devices, foot traffic monitoring, or anything else — and develop a plan to begin implementing it. One small step to becoming more efficient will greatly benefit the business.

2. Update Your Online Presence
It’s 2018, time to step it up online! Retailers need to take advantage of social media to stay in contact with their customers and create a website to reach a larger crowd. The start of the New Year is as good a time as ever to evaluate your online presence. Make sure social media is updated with all current information. If there were any accounts that did not get much action over the past year, delete them. Make sure to focus on where the customers are and not waste time building an online platform that is not getting noticed. Also, check your store website: make sure all the information is updated, the pictures are modern, and any other clean up work that is needed. This is the year to develop your digital footprint.

3. Recreate Store Layout and Merchandising
It’s hard to find the time to redecorate and reorganize a store, but it is something that must be done. As a retailer, think about shoppers’ patterns throughout 2017 and how they moved around the store. Based on observation and data, recreate a new layout or think of new creative ways of merchandising products. Draw or recreate the store online to find the best layout and then begin making changes to the real deal. Having a plan and trying out different looks — without the physical labor — will make this resolution more manageable. It’s the New Year and stores deserve a new look.

4. Give Back to Customers
Throughout the year, customers have been loyal and retailers have built new connections and friendships. This year take time to think of a positive way to give back to shoppers. Whether starting a loyalty program or including a small item with every purchase, saying thanks to new and old faces will make a big impact on business in 2018.

5. Take Time for Yourself
This is a resolution that everyone can do. The holidays are over and it is time for a fresh start. Retailers need to make sure they are happy and healthy heading into the New Year to make more sales than ever. Having a successful store with updated technology and websites, a new layout, and happy customers can only be done when the store owner is relaxed, focused, and ready to take on the New Year, so take time for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it; you deserve it!