Jaks Trading: Fun Runs in the Family

Jacks“The conception of Jaks Trading is very quaint,” says Scott Stahl co-founder of Jaks Trading. Jaks Trading is a family company, owned and operated by Scott, his wife, daughter, and son. The company name came from putting their initials together (Jake, Alexis, Kelly, and Scott). “We wanted to have a family legacy venture,” explains Scott.

The objective of Jaks Trading is “to find interesting products that make the fun part of folks lives easier and more enjoyable.” Since the launch of their company, “We started paying more attention to the things we love to do, and what would make that experience a little bit better,” says Scott.

Once they decide on a product, the concept is tested vigorously. “We give out products to many people to test out and insist on a critical review,” explains Scott. “We are a family owned company and won’t put anything out there we wouldn’t use ourselves. We’re in business to provide value and fun.”

The flagship product is their waterproof bag. “My family loves the beach, kayaking, and everything that has to do with the ocean,” says Scott. The bags are manufactured exclusively for Jaks Trading, with high standards for thickness, seam welding, and enclosures. It is important to Scott and his family that the products they make accommodate the needs of their customers. “It’s not about selling a bag for us, it’s more about making new friends at local businesses or trade shows and learning about their operation,” he explains. “What we heard at trade shows was that nearly everyone wanted to private label the bags, without high minimums. We heard them loud and clear and we have changed our business model to accommodate that.”

Jaks Trading now offers their waterproof bag with custom logos at just a 100-piece minimum. If retailers are looking to purchase waterproof bags without a custom logo, there is no minimum. “Order what you need, not what we think you need,” says Scott. “Too often, vendors will put a planogram together that loads retailer up with SKUs. Then the retailer always ends up having a clearance sale to get rid of dead inventory.” He explains, “We get excited when a customer re-orders from us because we know the bags are a hit, the inventory is turning over, and the retailer is making money.”

When it comes to displaying waterproof bags from Jaks Trading in your store, Scott says merchandising is very important. “No one is going to buy a bag if they don’t see it or know what it is when they do. We offer a free grid wall display at trade shows with an order. We don’t want them being tossed on a shelf when they arrive.” He explains the bags are a great impulse buy because “everyone wants a protected and dry, phone, car keys, and other valuables at the end of their adventure. Display it and they will come!”