GT Trading

Jazzy ArtsJazzy Arts will be exhibiting at the Golden Triangle Show (GTS) this month. They sell eco-friendly 100% cotton tea towels. These tea towels aren’t your average gift; they can be sent through the mail. “Postcard tea towels” make perfect gifts for friends and family near and far. They are made in the USA and packaged in a clear USPS approved envelope, which allows them to be mailed to someone as well as handed to them as a present. The tea towel designs range from postcards to vintage car designs to cheeky sayings. Jazzy Arts also allows buyers to customize towels with their own designs. Jazzy Arts has a counter top fixture that includes towels and a header card for easy display at your retail store. Make sure you stop by their booth at GTS! Jazzy Arts

The Golden Triangle Shows is the number one trade show and expo for high quality fashion and accessories. They bring the biggest, latest, and trendiest collections of jewelry, apparel, accessories, and gifts under one roof. They host importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and so many more businesses. Make sure to stop at Jazzy Arts when you are at GTS this month.