Are you Game-Ready? Consumers to Spend $15.3 Billion on Super Bowl

NFL logoAccording to the National Retail Federation, American adults are expected to spend an average $81.17 for a total of $15.3 billion as an estimated 188.5 million people watch the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl this weekend.

According to the annual survey by National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, projected viewership is the same as last year but total spending is up 8.5% from $14.1 billion in 2017. In other words, the same number of people are watching the game but spending more money leading up to the event.

“Whether throwing their own party, heading to a friend’s house or gathering at their favorite bar or restaurant, consumers are ready to spend on the big game,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Super Bowl shoppers will find retailers well-stocked with decorations, apparel, food and all other necessities to cheer on their favorite team.”
Of the 76 percent of those surveyed who plan to watch the game, 82 percent say they will purchase food and beverages — up slightly from 80 percent last year — and the highest in the survey’s history. Another 11 percent will buy team apparel or accessories, unchanged from 2017. New televisions and decorations hold a similar draw for those planning to watch at home, with 8 percent planning to purchase each, also unchanged. Those 25-34 will spend the most of any age group at an average of $118.43.
According to the survey, 18 percent (45 million) will host a Super Bowl party, with 28 percent (69 million) planning to attend one. Bars and restaurants will entice 5 percent (11 million) planning to watch at their favorite local spot.

no-fumble-fanny-packIn addition to the usual snacks, beverages, TVs, and decorations, novelty items are also a hit around this sports holiday. Koozies and hats are a given, but funny twists like these “No-Fumble” Fanny Packs are also a hit.

Make sure your store is ready for last-minute shoppers by placing snacks, decorations, team merchandise, and party items towards the front of your store and at the register. Have clear, concise signage to help guide hurried fans. May the best team win!

*photo courtesy of Heluva Good