Trendcasting with PinkTownUSA

PinktownPinkTownUSA is a jewelry and accessories wholesaler that specializes in keeping their retailers up to date on the latest styles. Anju Chaudhary, owner of PinkTownUSA walked us through this season’s best-selling looks and what retailers can do to keep their shoppers engaged and excited.

Sunglasses and Eyewear Pinktown

Sunglasses are a staple seller for every retailer during the spring and summer months. Anju says, “Last year we saw lots of clear sunglasses. That will continue this year but with more variations for unusual and unique looks.” Curved temples are a popular twist this year. “It’s a very interesting trend,” says Anju, “many major designers are playing on this variation. It’s a good thing for stores to have because it is unusual and creates a lot of interest in what otherwise might be a typical sunglass.”  

For sunglasses, Anju says flat tops and square glasses are “here to stay.” She explains, “that’s what my retail customers are demanding, and that’s what is selling really well right now.” Another look that’s a departure from the norm is oversized sunglass visors. As seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, “visors, and oversize glasses are catching on,” says Anju.

What’s fashion without function? Clearer and lighter sunglass lenses are popular in the winter. But, “darker shades pick up in the summer because they offer better protection,” says Anju.F

PinktownBags and Belts

Anju says the biggest bag trends for spring and summer 2018 are clear bags and fanny packs. We all remember the fanny packs of decades past, but this year fanny packs are back with a twist. The bags can be worn as a tightened cross-body bag or on the waist, “we’re really playing with how you wear fanny packs,” she continues. “It’s the difference between regular fashion and high fashion.”

The look is “comfortable if you can make it pretty,” Anju advises. Almost “any bag can by a fanny bag depending on how adjustable it is; bags that serve multiple purposes are always a good idea.”

Clear plastic accessories such as bags and belts are also current top-sellers. The see-through designs are “very fashion-forward” and found in many “high fashion boutiques.”

PinktownBaker Boy Hats

In 2017, the regular baseball cap, or “dad hat” was the popular headwear of choice. “Now, it’s the baker boy hat,” says Anju. “The demand for these is really picking up. Baker boy hats look good on everyone; you can’t go wrong with this style.” Baker boy hats come in a variety of different materials and colors.

Keep it Fresh

No matter what type of apparel or accessory retailer you are, it’s important to stay on top of trends. “Even if you stock many staples and classics, you need interesting pieces to keep customers excited and to give them something new,” says Anju. She recommends dedicating at least 20 percent of your inventory to fashion-forward pieces to add excitement, which can help your staple products move faster.

Staying on Top of Trends

While many department stores forecast their trends months to years in advance, independent retailers have the advantage of being able to order products in real time. “Keeping a pulse on the market is very important. Things can change a lot in three months,” says Anju. “For my customer base, trends are moving fast.” To keep up with the latest looks, Anju recommends watching celebrities, music videos, and TV shows to keep an eye on what’s hot. Most importantly, just ask your customers. Find where they get inspiration and influence.


“As a wholesaler, we offer new products every single day,” says Anju. “For apparel and accessories, a month is too old. So we’re constantly looking for what’s new so we have the absolute latest.” PinkTownUSA adds over 200 new styles of jewelry and accessories every month. “Our site is very dynamic, comprehensive, and competitive,” says Anju. “We offer low minimums because we want our customers to refresh new styles and order smaller batches more often to keep up with trends.”

Our customers require “statement, uncommon, and fashion-forward pieces,” says Anju. “Our strength is in unique and trendy styles that help retailers keep their inventory fresh and their customers excited.” PinkTownUSA also works with retailers to create custom pieces. Visit to view their collections and to place an order.