Using Feng Shui to Improve Store Layout

feng suiIs one of your New Year Retail Resolutions to rearrange your store to create a more dynamic layout? A great way to do this is with the influence of feng shui. Feng shui is a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy that should be taken into consideration when designing. Enhance the energy of your space with a few of these tips and strategies:

Feng shui starts with your storefront. The front door is considered the “mouth of chi.” Chi is vital energy and you want as much of this in your store as possible. Green and red are the best colors for a front door. Painting your door as well as making sure the appearance of the store is clean and updated is crucial for positive energy. When shoppers walk up to your store make sure there is nothing blocking their entrance. It is suggested that you leave outdoor lights on throughout the day to create a brighter space surrounding your store. After making sure the outside of your store provides a warm welcome to customers and generates good chi, it’s time to evaluate the feng shui of the interior.

There are a few basic ways to better your in-store feng shui. First, you want to have your register in a “command position.” This is usually opposite the entrance, but if that’s not possible, have it located where you can see everyone coming in and your back is to a wall. You should not have any mirrors directly across from the entrance; as soon as the door opens all of the chi bounces off the mirror and back outside.feng sui

There are also “lucky corners,” which are located opposite and diagonal to the door. Use these corners to display special items and watch as customers are drawn towards them. You also want your store to be free of clutter. Shelves should be packed but organized, and can be enhanced with living chi: also known as plants!

Feng shui is all about having a good flow of energy; think of energy as water and imagine how it would flow through your store. Is there only one path the energy can take or does it drift throughout with balance? You want an equal amount of energy throughout your store with emphasis on a few items such as the cash register and lucky corners. Customers will notice the balance and positive energy. Having a welcoming storefront and a good flow of chi throughout your store will have customers coming back just to enjoy the vitality your store has to offer.