Getting Creative with Spring Holidays

pablo187We are finally entering the season of outside BBQ’s, beautiful walks on the beach, and lemonade and iced tea. It’s the perfect time for retailers to put on their best face and welcome customers walking around downtown and getting some fresh air. At this point, you have probably redecorated your store with some nice spring displays, moved fixtures around the store, or did some spring-cleaning. Use the season and different summer holidays coming up to be creative and bring in more foot traffic!

Mother’s Day is an easy one to prepare for, which is coming up on May 13th. According to an article on VendHQ, start reminding your customers of Mother’s Day by sending a mass email. Most people forget the holiday until it’s a week away, and then they’re running around last minute looking for a gift. Give them time to think about it, and also give them a reason to come into your store for the special gift. Including a list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day is a great way to draw a customer’s attention.

Don’t forget about Cinco de Mayo! This fun holiday can attract everyone; who doesn’t like to party? According to an article by Predictable Profits, there are a couple of different creative ways to attract customers to your place. Focus more on the celebration, and provide a ‘Cinco de Mayo’ open house with discounts on fashion products for a night out in town, inviting prospective customers to your business. You can also offer food and drink specials if you partner with a food truck or offer side snacks in your store.

You can’t go wrong with Memorial Day, which comes up on May 28th. So many businesses do deals with this classic holiday, so customers are just waiting for their chance to pounce on something that catches their eye. A Groupon Merchant article offers some good ideas on how to make sure customers check out your store for a bargain. Creating a special offering for service members is a nice way to honor them and their families. You can do a weekend-long promotion with a discount off their purchase or even just a free gift for coming in. Another great idea is to hold a summer-themed contest to give customers a chance to win a coupon and a little bit of fame on your social media page. Get creative!