Sicap’s Sinus Buster


With all the emphasis these days on healthy and natural ingredients, it makes sense that Sicap’s Sinus Buster spray is a big seller in high demand. The product was founded by someone who needed nasal relief, but didn’t like most of the commercial products available. “Sicap was started around 2004 by Wayne Perry, who developed […]

Indie City Index

A groundbreaking new study, the Indie City Index, ranks all 363 metropolitan areas in the U.S. according to the vitality of their independent retail sectors. Produced by Civic Economics, the index analyzes the share of retail sales captured by independent retailers and assigns a score to each metropolitan area. In regions that score above 100, […]

Nubani Thrives On Honesty & Value


Sam Nubani talks about how his father, Fouad, started candy wholesaler, Nubani Trading Company, 26 years ago, and it’s a great life lesson in how to succeed in business. “My dad started the company in 1985 with $1,500 and a station wagon,” Nubani says. “He started out small, wholesaling candy, and little by little started […]



It can sometimes be hard to tell different medicines apart for those who take numerous prescription medications, especially if they all come from the same pharmacy and in the same color bottles. That’s what led Fred Hirth to start his company, Medi-Ring. “I’ve been a licensed pharmacist for 25 years,” Hirth says, “and many customers […]

Bow Wow Popcorn

Bow Wow Popcorn

For pet lovers and retailers who sell to them, it’s smart to get to know Steve Cantin and his full line of products made especially for pets. Cantin, CEO of parent company, SCI Inc., already had a line of Cat Sitter and Dog Sitter DVDs, when he realized dogs might like their own version of […]

Celebrating Local Biz

National Independent Retailers Week, scheduled this year for July 17-23, celebrates the uniqueness that a locally owned business brings to a community. Independent retailers know that money spent in a locally owned business stays in the community much longer, because the local business owner purchases more supplies, equipment, and inventory from other area businesses. As […]

Slinky Scarfs New Kiosk Craze?

Slinky Scarves

Everyone remembers the big Snuggie craze that began in late 2008, which became a full blown phenomenon by 2009. The Snuggie eventually went on to sell millions, and it’s now the hope of, Eli Cohen, president of Slinky Scarf, that his new kiosk offering will become the Snuggie of 2011. “I first saw the Slinky […]

Personal Touch Discounts

Although in-store retail spending jumped significantly this past holiday season over last year, rising a healthy 5.5 percent according to MasterCard, that number was overshadowed by a 15.4 percent increase in online spending. It was the first time that online spending accounted for more than 10 percent of all gift purchases. Even before the holidays, […]

Wireless Luggage Finder

wireless luggage finder

For anyone who has ever checked their bags when flying, they well know the annoyance of waiting among hundreds of other passengers at the baggage carousel. A new product available from Naftali Inc. can notify a traveler electronically when their bag is coming through from the back of the baggage area. The Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage […]

Retail Marketing Predictions

Media Logic, a nationally recognized agency specializing in marketing for a social world, has published its predictions for retail marketing in 2011, in a short video and white paper, which offer marketing recommendations aimed at retailers, as well as general projections for the social media landscape in the new year. The studies are based on […]