The May 2017 Issue of Independent Retailer Magazine is Available Now!

IR Cover 05-17

The May 2017 Issue of Independent Retailer Magazine features New Product Trends and A.I. in Retail. [Read more]

The Three Tenets of Personalization


E-commerce is growing fast, accounting for nearly $123.6 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2016. [Read more]

Retail Price and Promotion Imperatives for 2017

Retail Price

Let’s face it – the retail industry is not known for its early adopter behavior in technology. The dizzying pace of change in retail today can leave retailers feeling as if the sands are shifting so rapidly that they must sprint just to keep up, much less take a proactive stance. [Read more]

Digital Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business in 2017

Digital Tips

It goes without saying that in 2017 every business needs a strong online presence. Still, if everyone has it, it’s like no one has it. In the sea of generic online ads, you need something that will make you stand out. This ‘something’ is a proper digital marketing strategy. [Read more]

Study Uncovers Smartphones’ Influence on Retail Shopping

Smartphone influence

Consumers today are rarely without their smartphones throughout the day, even in-store. With an increasing number of sales coming from mobile, the need for an omnichannel strategy that reaches consumers and builds relationships is becoming a necessity for retailers of all sizes. [Read more]

Security On A Budget: What Can You Do?


Shoplifting, employee theft, suppliers and contractor thefts — all these are among the major threats retail stores have to battle each day. [Read more]

Aroma Lamp Clearance Sale!

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15%-Off All Ladies Shapewear

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A Modern Day David and Goliath

Ciani Welch

How can a start-up compete against established industry titans like eBay and Walmart? Like the fabled tale of David and Goliath, entrepreneurs challenge the status quo daily in their pursuit of innovation. [Read more]

Microwaveable Bowl Set with Lids

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