Accountant Offers Help

Dashboard Accountants, an outsourced bookkeeping firm based in Salt Lake City, is offering small and mid size businesses an opportunity to get their accounting records cleaned up for free. The free accounting services to be provided will include organization of accounting files (via QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.), reconciliation of bank and credit card statements, and the […]

Grrr-nola Bars for Dogs

Pet Snacks

ALL AMERICAN PET BRANDS has introduced a series of Grrr-nola bars, billed as the first meal in a bar for dogs. There are four flavors, and each is a multigrain meal in bar form. The ingredients are recommended for a heart healthy diet for dogs, and intended to help with canine obesity. Specifically, the bars […]

Relaxing Soda

Mary Jane's Soda

MARY JANE’S SODA INC. has introduced, “Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda.” The antithesis of an energy drink, this non alcoholic beverage of all natural ingredients is formulated to deliver a euphoric experience that stimulates a positive mood, increases mental clarity and reduces stress. The key ingredient is Kava or ‘Awa, a root that has been used […]

Global Linen


Truly global, this company supplies the full range of household linens, imported from China, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

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Kiosks Spread Fun

MiniMelts Frozen Ice Cream

Fun always attracts attention, especially if the source is something novel. Two kiosk and cart suppliers offer products that provide an opportunity to capitalize on tickling the funny bone and delighting with irresistible flavors. Mini Melts, which migrated from abroad to its base in Norwich, CT, provides a new and novel way of selling ice […]

Inspirational Coins

Inspirational Coins

CAMDEN STREET INC. has introduced a series of pocket coins designed to inspire, motivate and help a person reach a decision. All are silver plated and about the size of a silver dollar. The “Decision” coin series is the newest and currently most popular. There are 26 different designs in the series, which is based […]

November 2009

Cover Magazine November 2009

Push for Internet Privacy

An assembly of 10 consumer advocacy groups, including the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, Consumers Union and the Consumer Federation of America, has called on Congress to enact legislation to protect consumer privacy, amid the growing use of Internet technology that tracks consumers’ online behavior. A bill is expected to be submitted this fall in […]

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters

Pet Hamsters

NOVELTY GIFT COMPANY distributes Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters, toys that are gaining publicity as this year’s Tickle Me Elmo and Cabbage Patch Dolls. These plush animals are the same size, and have the look and feel of real hamsters. Unlike real hamsters, however, the Zhu Zhu version can’t bite, create a mess, or die. Yet […]

Lifestage Predicts Web Shoppers

Income and age, often seen as predictors of how people utilize the Internet for shopping, may not be the best indicators of online shopping behavior.

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