Hemp Healing Lip Balm

Allgreens Lip Balm

Allgreens Lip Balm is distributed in tubes labeled to look like prescription buds, with six flavors named after popular strains of Hemp.

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Paperless Receipts


The national movement to go Green has independent retailers investing in eco-friendly bags, displays, and now, paperless receipts. According to the Boston Herald, “Major retailers such as Apple, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom already give customers the option to go digital. For instance, Whole Foods is piloting a paperless option in the mid-Atlantic region that […]

Swipe Fee Campaign

In an effort to preserve swipe fee reform, the National Retail Federation (NRF) recently launched a 60 day advocacy campaign. The initial provision requiring the Federal Reserve Bank to issue rules that place ‘reasonable’ limits on debit card swipe fees, is now a reform valued at $14 billion a year, and one that the NRF […]

Aromatherapy From L&V

Aromatherapy from L&V

L&V carries one of the largest selections of aroma lamps and fragrance oils, and more than 160 fragrances.

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Li’l Puckers For Lips


Li’l Puckers Lip Cream uses a unique blend of certified organic oils and botanical extracts to heal, soothe and moisturize damaged lips.

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Retailer Giant Killers

In recent interviews given by Stephen Denny, author of the newly released business management novel, Killing Giants, he explains the universal idea behind the story of David and Goliath. “It is common understanding that we are all being asked to do more with less, and it doesn’t matter what industry or country you are from.” […]

BaJul Beads and Bracelets

Bajul Beads

Jewelry makes definite fashion statements, and is purchased and prized for its beauty, delicacy, and detail. Offering Modular European Charm Beads at $2 to $3 wholesale, the statement Bajul Imports expresses is one of high quality design for good value. “Compatible and interchangeable with the popular Biagi, Troll, Chamillia and Pandora designer jewelry, Bajul Imports’ […]

Asia America Trade Show

Surrounded by 43 countries from Central and South America and the Caribbean, Miami has been chosen for its high marketability to host the Asia America Trade Show (ACS America), scheduled for September 20 to 22. Acclaimed to be a diversified show for a diversified market, the Asia America Trade Show provides buyers, suppliers, and many […]

Electronic Cigarette Injector

Electronic Cigarette INjector

The Powermatic 2 is an electric cigarette injector device that provides smokers with an improved cigarette buying alternative, peace of mind, and choice.

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Destination: Downtown

The U.K.’s recent High Street rejuvenation project mirrors the challenge posed to independent retailers found on Main Street USA. Mary Portas, the U.K.’s publicly recognized authority on retail, was challenged by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in late May to bring back the bustle to the U.K.’s town centers, also known as High […]