Retail Businesses Need a Proactive Action Plan

retail cash flow

Look for an advisor who has industry experience, understands your situation and can provide you with a concrete action plan.

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Good vs. Bad Retail Business Practices

Retail Best Practices

In retail, habits good or bad, make your store what it is. It is all about recognizing what behaviors need to be changed.

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Improving Cash Flow

Strong, positive cash flow is a must for any thriving retail establishment. The benefits of positive cash flow are numerous: pay vendors on time, take discounts, expand or remodel, add brands, pay yourself more, and so on. Poor cash flow, however, forces retailers to make survival decisions they may otherwise not make. This is what […]

How to Improve Cash Flow

Business marketing

Strong, positive cash flow is a must for any thriving retail establishment. The benefits of positive cash flow are numerous.

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Off-price Buying: Strategies and Pitfalls

Off Price Merchandise

When a store is able to procure off-price merchandise from a supplier, it can serve to generate several benefits.

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The Importance of Proper Timing: Setting up Inventory Deliveries

Inventory Delivery

Establishing ideal delivery start and completion dates for inventory orders can be just as important as price points.

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A New Year’s Retail Resolution


Every merchant should resolve to sell more merchandise more quickly each and every year.

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Inventory Variance

Increased Profits

Book and physical inventory should be monitored at the store and classification level. Several things can cause a disparity between these numbers.

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The Power of New: Fresh Merchandise Means Better Sales

Sale on Old Inventory

If over 30 percent of your inventory stock is old, you have a problem that needs to be addressed now.

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Understanding Open to Buy Planning

Open to Buy Planning

Results of poor open to buy planning or no planning can be quite costly and generally lead to inventories that are out of balance.

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