The NRF Big Show 2015 Proves Successful

NRF Show

With over 33,000 people in attendance at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, the National Retail Federation’s annual Big Show was a hit. [Read more]

Beyond Your Lines – Toys

Safari Ltd

Expanding your retail merchandise always comes with the same set of questions: what do I want to sell next and how do I begin selling those items? [Read more]

2014 IGES Show Recap


The nation’s largest gathering of wholesale souvenir and resort gift buyers and exhibitors in America keeps getting bigger and better. [Read more]

2015 Spring Apparel Trend: Crop Tops and Midi Skirts

Crop Tops at the OFFPRICE Show

Fashion has a way of repeating itself. The 2012 crop top infatuation is no exception, as it does not seem to be fading anytime soon. [Read more]

A New Year Brings New Opportunity for Business Growth

New Year, New Opportunity

Go ahead…take a nice, big sigh of relief. Pat yourself on the back. After all, you deserve it. You survived the wild and unpredictable holiday season, and hopefully with record sales. [Read more]

Authenticity Through Biology: Biosignature


“Banks Heap Suits on Target Over Breach” read a recent headline in the Wall Street Journal story. By the time the story broke, seven financial institutions had filed class action suits against Target, alleging it did not sufficiently protect its customer’s data. [Read more]

What’s “In Store” for the Pop-Up Industry in 2015

Pop-up Industry

Pop-ups are no longer just a trend. As more big brands use them, and more venues are open to hosting pop-ups, retailers of all sizes are taking advantage of this unique experience. [Read more]

Smooth Checkouts Create Lasting Customers

Checkout Process

It should go without saying that the checkout process is one of the most important elements on any ecommerce site. [Read more]

Run, Don’t Walk: Chasing Customer Expectations in Retail

Customer Expectations

Smartphones and apps continue to grow in importance for both consumers and the companies dependent on reaching them. [Read more]

Understand Your Customers with Mobile POS Surveys

Mobile POS Surveys

Retailers have relied on point-of-sale (POS) customer surveys since the days of pens and clipboards to get a better idea of what customers want from their shops. [Read more]