Social Media: An Online Window Shopping Experience

Social Media: An Online Window Shopping Experience

By Sheridan Orr  In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s important for online retailers to leverage social media and develop a memorable online “window” shopping experience. One common misconception among retailers is that money can’t be made directly through social platforms, but there is indeed potential for a clear stream of revenue driven by branded, strategic and innovative ... [Read more]

4 Tips For Successful Local & Handcrafted Sales

4 Tips For Successful Local & Handcrafted Sales

By Dan McCready It’s no secret that in our busy 21st century world, there’s a growing trend toward handcrafted, local, and American made goods. In an era where so much is mass-produced overseas and the latest gadgets come out every six months, people increasingly want to experience more authenticity in what they carry, wear, and bring into their homes. As a retailer, there’s nothing like ... [Read more]

The Expert Impact: Educated Sales Associates Sell More

Redefining Mobile POS with Consumer Experience

By Tom Stockham Ask anyone: “Do more knowledgeable, experienced, passionate people create better buying experiences?” The inevitable answer: “Of course!” Successful brands and retailers know that engaged and knowledgeable sales associates are a key part of competing in today’s retail environment. Yet for three decades, retail’s focus on low prices and broad selection has added up to ... [Read more]

Candy Retailers: Staying One Step Ahead with Effective Marketing


By Kristin Robinson Candy retailers are discovering that using the Internet to market their wide selection of candies and products in their stores is helping to increase their profits at a rate like never before. Candy retailers have evolved into diverse businesses that sell everything from your classic lollipops to artisanal creations. There are countless media outlets that can be used as a ... [Read more]

Getting it Right: Kiosk and Cart Retailing

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To sum kiosk and cart success up in a word, it would be “focus.” While it seems like having easy access to foot traffic would be a huge advantage, running a successful kiosk is a discipline that begins long before the first product is offered for sale. Kiosk owners who are focused in their design, marketing, and product selection stand the best chance of success. Those who are relaxed, ... [Read more]

Reeling in Profit at Campground Stores

Reeling in Profit at Campground Stores

Campground stores can be like fishing in a barrel. You have a campground full of people with nowhere else to spend their money so start reeling them in! You may be thinking “there’s a big box store just down the street so there is no use for me to sell anything.” But, there is no way Mom and Dad are going to want to load up all the kids to head to the store. Dad want's to relax and Mom wants ... [Read more]

Shoppers Prefer Gift Cards

More than Two Thirds of Shoppers Will Buy Gift Cards This Season

By Render Dahiya There is a lot of talk these days about switching to virtual, digital and mobile payments. We hear every day about how soon we’ll be paying for holiday shopping sprees with our phones instead of our wallets and plastic gift cards. However, you probably didn’t know that the vast majority of Americans still prefer physical gift cards to electronic ones. Shocked? Don’t be ... [Read more]

Preparing for Holiday Gift & Card Selling Season


By Charlotte Biggs The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time for independent retailers. They can also be busy and profitable if your shop sells greeting cards and gifts, but you need to have a clear sales strategy to make the most of this unique selling season. Retailers need a plan that will not only create a profitable Christmas and holiday season, but also set the foundation for the New ... [Read more]

Words That Make And Lose Money on Your Ecommerce Site


By Eric Leuenberger Crafting a marketing strategy that works to generate sales is not an easy feat. However, it can become easier when taking into consideration some tried and true psychological factors that have been proven to persuade consumers to take action. One of those psychological factors is the power of words. When used correctly, words have the ability to convince a customer to take ... [Read more]

5 Steps to Promote Your Holiday Open House

holiday sales up NRF

By Jessica Moretti Hosting a Holiday Open House is one of the most exciting ways to draw shoppers into your store, both for you and your guests. The experience helps to create and nurture valuable relationships between your business and the people in your community. The lively atmosphere, delicious treats and the fun and laughter are all necessary components to a successful event. While party ... [Read more]