Inventory Gone Wild? Keep Everything in Check with These Tips

Inventory Gone Wild

Inventory management has come a long way since the days of clipboards or spreadsheets. [Read more]

Licensed Linens and Textiles

Silicon Valley Textiles

When it comes to hot selling linens, it is all about licensing. According to Sunny Singh, vice president of sales and marketing for Silicon Valley Textiles, Inc… [Read more]

Wilcor: The Outdoor Specialist


Heading into the summer sales season, Wilcor is focusing on the fun and helping retailers dramatically increase sales in the process. [Read more]

Candy May be the Hidden Secret to Sweet Success

Royal Wholesale Candy

In today’s marketplace, it is harder than ever for a retailer to find where they fit in: what product line they should carry, who their target market should be or how to price their inventory. [Read more]

Get the Personalized Touch with CKB

CKB Products

Leather, plastic and glass: these are just a few of the materials CKB Products has experimented on with personalization for their clients. [Read more]

Beyond Your Lines – Souvenirs


The topic of souvenirs may seem broad, but this way it will give you a chance to really think about what kinds of souvenirs should be sold at your specific store. [Read more]

How Independent Retailers Can Effectively Use Engagement-Based Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

When you hear the word “loyalty,” chances are what comes to mind is some type of punch card or points-system – spend a certain amount of money, get something for free. [Read more]

Miami Wholesale Show Attracts a Crowd

Miami Wholesale Show

For the last half a year, representatives of the Miami Wholesale Show have logged a mind-boggling number of miles, according to company President Michael Finocchiaro. [Read more]

Brick to Click: 3 Growth Strategies for Retailers to Sell More Online

Brick to Click

Think about all of the purchases you have made during the past month. How much of your shopping took place online and how did it compare to your in-store buying? [Read more]

Pulla Bulla: Limited Edition Fashion, Long Lasting Results

Pulla Bulla

Pulla Bulla might be new to the United States, but that does not mean they are new when it comes to the children’s clothing market. [Read more]