Made In USA In High Demand

Made in USA

According to retailers across the spectrum of industries and outlets, consumers are increasingly responsive to the "Made in USA" message. There are many possible explanations for this trend, including fallout from the recession, generational shifts and the changing global economy, which provide opportunities for retailers everywhere. What is Made in USA? According to the Federal Trade ... [Read more]

40th OFFPRICE Show Wraps Up in Las Vegas

Fashion Week in Las Vegas

The 40th OFFPRICE Show (August 16-19, 2014) in Las Vegas celebrated the history of the show while demonstrating a vibrant and exciting future. The show recognized the 15 companies that have been exhibiting at OFFPRICE since its first year in 1995 at a cocktail reception for attendees. The first show in 1995 had a total of 24 exhibitors. In all, 10,600 attendees were onsite to find the latest ... [Read more]

Security Leaps into the 21st Century With Remote Monitoring

How to Protect Against a Data Breach

Larger department stores and pharmacies now have remote monitoring of their camera systems. Due to of the number of stores, these larger chains can have one location watching the cameras for various locations to spot shoplifting. They can then alert the local security personnel of suspicious activities, while saving thousands of dollars compared to each store having to do this individually.  The ... [Read more]

Infographic: Navigating Ecommerce Channels

Navigating Ecommerce Channels

For online retailers, navigating the many channels of ecommerce can be a challenging feat, especially with the consumer’s path to online purchase becoming one without borders. According to ChannelAdvisor’s new Multichannel Ecommerce Study of online retailers, 90 percent of retailers surveyed are selling on marketplaces. The survey of more than 200 retailers in the US and UK identifies the ... [Read more]

The Wisdom of the Webroom

The Wisdom of the Webroom

By Pat Dermody "Drive them to retail” is a marketing mantra as old as the marketplace, and it's back. It appeared for a while that online purchases would continue to erode brick-and-mortar traffic. Showrooming represented a detour from the traditional purchase path, as consumers began to browse for items at stores, and fulfill the purchase online for fractional discounts; an idea driven by cold ... [Read more]

5 Budget Tips For Trade Show Success

5 Budget Tips For Trade Show Success

Trade shows are the ideal venue to meet new and existing suppliers, conduct business meetings, network and investigate new products. However, in order to make your trade show experience an investment for your business, consider these five budget tips for success. 1. Plan your stay The more preparation you put into planning your trade show visit can mean less money spent. Do you need to fly? Are ... [Read more]

What Retailers Need to Know About EMV Cards

What Retailers Need to Know About EMV Cards

By Mike English If you’re not totally clear on EMV, you’re not alone. Developed over twenty years ago, EMV is the standard overseas.  However, many U.S. small business owners aren’t familiar with the technology, and even fewer know that a deadline is set for migrating to an EMV based system.  EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, and is a technical standard initiated by major ... [Read more]

3 Hot C-Store Categories Experiencing Growth

Cstore market

By Joel Goldstein As a retailer, it is up to you to find the hottest new products, and provide those products to your customers before anyone else can. Today, there are approximately 150,000 convenience stores in operation. 63 percent of those convenience stores are independently owned, while the remaining are chain store operations. In a recent study, the average age of a c-store customer is ... [Read more]

Big Email Marketing on a Small Business Budget

Big Email Marketing on a Small Business Budget

By Justin Hotard Small and medium-sized firms understand the importance of marketing in helping to grow their businesses. Catering to today’s tech-savvy consumer requires small merchants to respond to this need with technology.  Fortunately, today’s POS systems have built-in features that simplify marketing efforts, and minimize the need for exhaustive research and third party tools. In ... [Read more]

Back to School Shopping in the Omni-Channel Era

5 Tips to Attract Back-to-School Shoppers

By Rodney Mason Back-to-school shopping is much different from what it was even a few years ago. Shoppers now have real-time dynamic information in hand, and are making shopping decisions faster. Many retailers are trying to keep up with the frenetic pace of today’s shopper, and struggling with how to execute effective promotional and pricing strategies across the myriad channels consumers use. ... [Read more]