Shoppers Prefer Gift Cards

More than Two Thirds of Shoppers Will Buy Gift Cards This Season

By Render Dahiya There is a lot of talk these days about switching to virtual, digital and mobile payments. We hear every day about how soon we’ll be paying for holiday shopping sprees with our phones instead of our wallets and plastic gift cards. However, you probably didn’t know that the vast majority of Americans still prefer physical gift cards to electronic ones. Shocked? Don’t be ... [Read more]

Preparing for Holiday Gift & Card Selling Season


By Charlotte Biggs The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time for independent retailers. They can also be busy and profitable if your shop sells greeting cards and gifts, but you need to have a clear sales strategy to make the most of this unique selling season. Retailers need a plan that will not only create a profitable Christmas and holiday season, but also set the foundation for the New ... [Read more]

Words That Make And Lose Money on Your Ecommerce Site


By Eric Leuenberger Crafting a marketing strategy that works to generate sales is not an easy feat. However, it can become easier when taking into consideration some tried and true psychological factors that have been proven to persuade consumers to take action. One of those psychological factors is the power of words. When used correctly, words have the ability to convince a customer to take ... [Read more]

5 Steps to Promote Your Holiday Open House

holiday sales up NRF

By Jessica Moretti Hosting a Holiday Open House is one of the most exciting ways to draw shoppers into your store, both for you and your guests. The experience helps to create and nurture valuable relationships between your business and the people in your community. The lively atmosphere, delicious treats and the fun and laughter are all necessary components to a successful event. While party ... [Read more]

Marketplaces To Make You Money

Marketplaces To Make You Money

By Rachel Miller It’s an exciting time to be an online retailer, especially because new third-party marketplaces are cropping up regularly in the evolving e-commerce landscape. The global success of Amazon and eBay has led to an explosion of marketplaces from newer players that provide retailers with opportunities to grow their online sales, both domestically and internationally. While the ... [Read more]

Take Inventory of Your Ecommerce Provider

Best Practices in Ecommerce Navigation

All online business owners use some type of ecommerce “provider,” whether as simple as a PayPal Buy Now button or as complex as an integrated Point of Sale/ ecommerce software combination. This month, let’s take a look at two leading edge features and why these are important to online business owners. If your current ecommerce provider isn’t offering features similar to the ones below, it ... [Read more]

Email Marketing That Drives Sales

Email Marketing 101

A staple in any customer retention program is the ability to write emails that strengthen relationships, get responses, and persuade action. With an overflow of emails hitting inboxes daily, it’s important to develop an approach that not only gets notice, but also is effective at getting results. Make no mistake; email marketing is not an easy feat. It can be made simpler, however, by breaking ... [Read more]

August 2014 ASDLV Show a Success

ASD to Host New TV Show The Big Pitch With Kevin Harrington

One word describes the recent ASD Las Vegas show: “Fantastic” says Karalynn Sprouse, executive vice president of merchandise group and international sourcing at Emerald Expositions. This August many of their legacy exhibitors reported a much stronger August versus 2013 and the show continued to be one of the strongest in order writing in the industry. As the show kicked off attendance was a ... [Read more]

10 Tips for Instagram Selling

10 Tips for Instagram Selling

Instagram’s focus on images makes it an appealing marketplace for brands and consumers alike. Comment selling with Instagram presents a fantastic opportunity for customer engagement. Here are 10 tips to build an Instagram brand and monetize the channel: Use hashtags. Develop a set of hashtags to narrow the search your followers may want. You Fresh Naturals, an all-natural coco-butters ... [Read more]

Preparing For Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

By Kelley Sloyer Excitement is in the air, the food and entertainment is ready, and fans arrive early to be the first to enter the building. Small Business Saturday, the independent retailer’s Super Bowl, is right around the corner. So what can you do now to turn Small Business Saturday this Nov. 29 into Super Saturday? Retailers can implement the following four tactics to prepare their stores ... [Read more]