Identity Theft Grows

IN A RECENT survey on identity theft, Americans said their number one fear was having a bank account, credit card or other personal information stolen from their computers. [Read more]

Marketing In A Recession

ALL THE NEGATIVITY of today’s world comes swirling into the consumers’ living rooms when they turn on the TV or listen to the radio, and get bombarded with the words, “recession, TARP, unemployment, foreclosures,” and other less than positive descriptors. [Read more]

Social Network Use

BEYOND SEARCH, a firm that tracks social networks on the Internet, has released its list of the top ten social network trends to come in 2010. [Read more]

Mobile Retail Sites Have Room for Improvement

Mobile small

As far as mobile Web shopping may have come in recent years, it’s still not quite in a position to threaten wired online shopping. [Read more]

Local Entrepreneurs Enjoy a Spike


“Buy Local” campaigns were a big part of the holiday shopping season last month, and it seems that they had a positive effect for independent retailers. [Read more]

Saks 5th Ave. Execs Expound on Importance of Social Media

Luxury apparel

In this day and age of social media, it’s of paramount importance that businesses communicate and interact with their customers online. [Read more]

In 2010, Personalization More Important Than Ever

Online shopping-110x150

Over the year, personalization was a major buzz word, as companies seek to better provide consumers with what they want, when they want it. [Read more]

Rainbow of Colors Capture Buyers


Off the Wall Creations’ beautiful crystal products capture existing light and reflect a rainbow of dancing colors. [Read more]

Bargain Hunting Holidays


This was the holiday of the serious bargain hunter, according to several studies, including the Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey. [Read more]

Kiosks Aim Higher

While many kiosk and cart vendors succeed by carrying only affordable items that consumers will buy on impulse on the spot, others focus on lines of products that start at about the $10 retail range and reach to higher price points. Conventional wisdom has long favored the former approach. However, here are two companies with […]