Small Businesses Urged to Push E-mail Marketing


With retailers scrambling for shoppers’ dollars, you need every advantage. E-mail marketing is one of them.

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Tween Moms Hip to Trends

The National Retail Federation has some words of advice if you are marketing to moms of tweens: Go online! According to a report from the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, a division of the NRF, mothers of kids age 9 to 12 read more blogs and use Facebook more often than other adults. In fact, […]

‘Independent Retail’ Week Goes Local


Local stores that need a boost are getting a hand from the growing “Independent Retail Week” movement. Is your town next?

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Research Finds Some Shopping Via Mobile Only


A small but growing number of shoppers are doing their buying exclusively via mobile devices. Smart retailers need to take notice.

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Report: Halloween Spending to Rise This Year


Having had enough of feeling down, NRF says Americans will be spending large on spooky holiday this year.

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The “3/50 Project” Aims to Boost Small Retailers


Small retailers need every edge they can get these days — and consultant Cinda Baxter’s new project can help them survive.

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Research: Hispanic Shoppers’ Buying Habits Shift


A new study shows Hispanic shoppers change their buying habits according to seasonal influences. It might be time for your stock to reflect that.

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Location A Factor In Video

When it comes to video content, it’s long been conventional wisdom that mindset can be a determining factor in the consumer’s interaction. For example, if a commercial for a product airs during his favorite TV show, he might be annoyed by it; yet if he is in the market for said product, he might view […]

Facebook's Location Feature

Marketers are excited by the recent announcement by social networking giant, Facebook, of an upcoming location based feature. The new feature would allow users to include their location as part of their status updates, and it is already being investigated by corporations and independent retailers alike, as a means to increase brand awareness and drive […]

Be Happy: Be Your Own Boss

At last, the secret to happiness has been discovered: be a small business owner. A survey conducted by TD Bank reveals that 69 percent of American small business owners polled said they would describe themselves as, “very happy.” In addition, 61 percent said they think they are happier than their peers. Moreover, the stress of […]