Building Employee Satisfaction

As the economy improves, increasing employee satisfaction is becoming more important, according to a recent research report released by MetLife. The report, “Building A Better Benefits Program Without Breaking The Budget,” identified five steps employers should consider in order to build competitive benefits programs and help improve workplace satisfaction. According to MetLife VP, Scott Beck, […]

Overnite Capital Lives Up To Its Name


Overnite Capital does exactly as its name implies; provides funds, fast, to those companies that need them.

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Working Well With Others

Retail managers now have two compelling reasons to encourage employees to be polite in the workplace; polite to each other, that is. Sure, retailers know that rudeness to a customer means lost goodwill and lost sales, but new research reveals that rudeness shown by one employee towards another one is damaging too. Moreover, a different […]

Retailers Chasing “Bottom (Line) Feeders”

Retailers try to weed out bargain hunters

Savvy retailers are finding ways to uncover and discourage bargain-hunting customers, and boosting their own bottom line in the process.

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New Law Provides Help for Massachusetts Retailers


A new law was signed today in Massachusetts that offers relief to independent retailers looking for meaningful health care cost-cutting.

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Retailers Look To Online Channels

Retailers who are planning a multichannel marketing and sales strategy will have a leg up on the competition, according to several recent research reports. As shoppers continue to research and buy products online and via smartphone style devices, retailers will find it increasingly profitable to reach customers through non-traditional channels. During a period of slow […]

Shipping Solutions From LSC

As prices plummet and soar at the gas pump, calculating and managing shipping costs can be a real drain on a retailer’s business. There’s no getting around the need to move goods from sellers to buyers, but the costs involved (from researching many shipping rates to grappling with big carriers who give good rates to […]

Knowing What Your Customers Want


One of the most reliable methods for retailers to gain an understanding of consumer tastes is tracking the spending habits of customers.

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Independent Retailers Grapple with Credit Concerns


The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishing Market is one of the biggest market expos of its kind. Retailers from all over the world converge on the even to order products, and in July, the event also featured a Retailer to Retailer Breakfast Seminar.

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The NRF Joins with Visa to Minimize Payment Card Data Stored By Merchants


Visa announced it will be joining with the National Retail Federation (NRF) in an effort to reduce the storage of sensitive information in merchant payment systems, calling for the elimination of account information whenever possible.

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