Good News: Retail Sales Climb Again in September


Retail sales were up for the second month in a row. Analysts are cautiously hopeful that this signals a better-than-expected sales season.

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NPD Group Says Shoppers Will Spend, But Cautiously


Research company finds buyers are expected to be out in force this holiday season, looking for bargains

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Survey Shows ‘Made in America’ Boosts Purchases

USA Small

Recent research says that American shoppers are more likely to buy products if they believe they were manufactured domestically.

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Update: Small Biz Jobs Act


A new law quietly passed by Congress will have some significant impact on small businesses and the costs they undertake. How will you be affected?

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Late Back-to-School Shopping Boosted Retail Sales


Shoppers waited until the very end to find the bargains they wanted. Is this a portent of things to come?

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NRF: Christmas Sales Will Be Up This Year


Good news for retailers: Sales this holiday season are expected to be up a healthy 2.3%.

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Small Businesses Urged to Push E-mail Marketing


With retailers scrambling for shoppers’ dollars, you need every advantage. E-mail marketing is one of them.

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Tween Moms Hip to Trends

The National Retail Federation has some words of advice if you are marketing to moms of tweens: Go online! According to a report from the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, a division of the NRF, mothers of kids age 9 to 12 read more blogs and use Facebook more often than other adults. In fact, […]

‘Independent Retail’ Week Goes Local


Local stores that need a boost are getting a hand from the growing “Independent Retail Week” movement. Is your town next?

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Research Finds Some Shopping Via Mobile Only


A small but growing number of shoppers are doing their buying exclusively via mobile devices. Smart retailers need to take notice.

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