Latest Wholesale Data Show Big Year-Over-Year Boost


Sales of goods at the wholesale level held steady over the last month but rose substantially over the year, according to the most recent data from the Census Bureau.

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Total Retail Sales Grow; E-Commerce Sales Grow Faster


Online retail sales jumped 14 percent in the first quarter of 2010, according to an AdWeek report citing U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

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In Mixed Retail Forecast, Look for Cost-Cutting, New Products Through 2012


Faced with “increasingly demanding customers,” consumer goods and retail companies are responding with a slew of new products — 60 percent of companies surveyed in a recent report say that they are rolling out new products or variations on old ones.

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Moms Turn to Web

About 85 percent of online moms say having a baby changed their purchasing habits, according to the, “21st Century Mom,” report, a study published by BabyCenter, an online community for expectant and new moms, according to eMarketer, New York, NY, a firm providing digital intelligence to help business people make better decisions. Mothers control an […]

10 Startup Tips

Here are 10 tips that the editors of Cover have gathered at recent business meetings for starting a new business: Outline your company’s mission statement, goals and define your corporate culture. Outline your business plan. It is critical to have a detailed business plan for the first 60 days, the first six months and the […]

Online Retailing, On-Site


It’s common knowledge that Internet shopping is more popular than ever, and e-commerce has transformed retailing as we know it. But retailers are now integrating it with their brick-and-mortar presence.

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Luring Customers Back in the Wake of the Recession

recession-110 recently had the opportunity to interview John Rudberg, National Sales Director for Diamond Storage Concept, a leader in the garage storage category most known for its HyLoft line of products.

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Overnite Capital


Sometimes it takes a while to figure out why a company has the name it does. Not so with Overnite Capital. Because in the case of this California-based lender, that’s exactly what they provide.

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Debit Card Fees Pit Retailers Against Banks


An amendment proposed to the recent financial overhaul bills by Democratic Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois seeks to reign in the processing fees charged to retailers for the use of debit cards.

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Pampered Princess Thrives By Staying Loyal, Offering Wanted Jewelry


Pampered Princess has been in business for two decades, dating all the way back to when owner Sharee Kowalski started selling jewelry out of her car.

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