Losing Ad Bucks?

Search for any local business on Google; for example, “Hair Salon Las Vegas,” or, “Masonry Las Vegas,” and you will see a map with several business listings on top of the organic results. These listings get the best spot on the page, are free, and you don’t even need a website to get listed there, […]

Time for SBA Loan?

Bankers slammed the door on lending to most retailers and other small business people at the end of 2008 and the first part of 2009, as they themselves soaked up billions of dollars in bailout money from the federal government. Now there are signs that the purse strings may be loosening, at least where Small […]

More Profits With Pop-Ups

For the independent retailer who wants to grab bigger profits next holiday season, consider a pop-up store! That’s right, a store that pops up virtually out of nowhere, serves customers for a defined period of time, and then disappears. The pop-up is a win win for retailers of all sizes, because they are able to […]

Online Chat a Useful Retail Tool, According to New Survey


A new survey conducted has provided some interesting points to ponder regarding the usefulness of online chat to e-tailers.

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Two Iconic Electronics Retail Brands to Return?


Circuit City and CompUSA were two major casualties of the recession, but there is now talk that they both might be resurrected.

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Discount Stores: Staying Competitive in a Post-Recession Marketplace


With the economy on the upswing, discount stores may find a little more creativity is in order to compete with the big boys for the consumer buck.

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Marketing Survey Reveals Common Concerns


A recent survey conducted by research company Unica seems to indicate that worrying about measuring results and increasing effectiveness is pretty much universal.

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Sales Continue to Rise, Says Commerce Department


The U.S. Commerce Department announced this week that retail sales increased in the months of January and February, despite a drop in wholesale inventories.

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Making Customer Connections: Six Important Steps


Establishing strong relationships of trust with customers over time is one of the indispensable building blocks in the foundation of success.

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Craftspeople Find a New Online Marketplace


Handmade craft-making has taken off as a very viable business for many online.

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