10 Management Tips

Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket chain, offered ten management lessons, recently at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Conference in New York. They are: Find the truth. Don’t just rely on research or past experience. Find out where your company stands now by talking directly to the customer. They will be […]

Compliance with ERISA

ACCORDING TO a recent study by ERISA Pros, LLC, the majority of U.S. employers with 100 or more employees do not comply with the ERISA requirement to file an annual Form 5500 for their health & welfare benefit plans. U.S. Census Bureau reports show that there are about 110,000 employers that employ 100 or more […]

Trends to Test CEOs

The second decade of the new century promises to be a turbulent one for corporate CEOs, according to Arlington, VA, management consultants, Healthy Companies International. “The challenges confronting top executives will only multiply and intensify,” says Stephen Parker, chief commercial officer of Healthy Companies, which for 20 years has maintained a continuing dialogue with 300 […]

Capitalizing on the Social Media Revolution


Facebook is ahead of the pack amongst sites being used by some of the biggest retail chains. The Limited Brands’ Victoria’s Secret is in the lead.

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How Are Web Consumers Making Their Decisions?


Now more than before, it appears that a strong social networking approach must be just one part of a larger strategy.

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Study Discovers Holiday Web Shopping Negatively Impacted by Poor Site Performance

Frustrated shopper

Is it possible that heavy traffic to your website could have a damaging effect on your business? That’s exactly the scenario posited by a new study.

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Location a Factor in Consumer Response to Video Content


There are indications that physical location could be a major determining factor in consumer interaction.

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Wholesale Import Reaps Benefits of the Web


Memphis-based company caters to a customer base drawn primarily from the Internet.

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Marketing Musts

OXFORD COMMUNICATIONS in central NJ offers five marketing resolutions for 2010 to help brands leverage industry trends and prepare for the consumerism renaissance.

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Trends to Watch in 2010

WHAT TRENDS should entrepreneurs look for in 2010? Kenneth A Kaufman, CEO of CFOwise, has released his top ten trends that founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs of start-up, emerging, and medium sized businesses should consider.

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