How Are Web Consumers Making Their Decisions?


Now more than before, it appears that a strong social networking approach must be just one part of a larger strategy.

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Study Discovers Holiday Web Shopping Negatively Impacted by Poor Site Performance

Frustrated shopper

Is it possible that heavy traffic to your website could have a damaging effect on your business? That’s exactly the scenario posited by a new study.

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Discount Chain Recalls Toy Gun Sets


Dollar General Corp. has announced that it is officially recalling a series of toy sets due to a danger involving a faulty safety feature.

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Location a Factor in Consumer Response to Video Content


There are indications that physical location could be a major determining factor in consumer interaction.

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Wholesale Import Reaps Benefits of the Web


Memphis-based company caters to a customer base drawn primarily from the Internet.

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Electronics, Clothing and General Merch for Auction


A & W Surplus, a Fresno-based merchandise dealer, will be holding an online auction on Wednesday, February 10.

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Leisure Product Manufacturers Cautious as Spring Approaches


Leisure products appear to be on the verge of a comeback, but manufacturers warn that the rebound is a slow one.

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Marketing Musts

OXFORD COMMUNICATIONS in central NJ offers five marketing resolutions for 2010 to help brands leverage industry trends and prepare for the consumerism renaissance.

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Electronic Smokes from Garden Oasis

Electronic Cigarettes

IT IS OFTEN AMAZING where a new idea will come from.

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Major Retail Trends

CONSUMERS ARE focused on saving, not shopping. This trend will be compounded by the fact that unemployment will remain unusually high in 2010.

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