Philly Lures Retailers


Eager to attract retailers, the Philadelphia Marketing Alliance has launched a program to tout the benefits to opening stores in Philadelphia.

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Kiosks Aim Higher

While many kiosk and cart vendors succeed by carrying only affordable items that consumers will buy on impulse on the spot, others focus on lines of products that start at about the $10 retail range and reach to higher price points. Conventional wisdom has long favored the former approach. However, here are two companies with […]

Shoppers Like Rewards


Looking to squeeze every available benefit from every purchase, shoppers are turning more than ever to loyalty programs to stretch their budgets.

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Valuing Customer Retention

When asked which measurement of customer data was the most valuable, the largest group of retailers, 86 percent, cited customer retention in a recent survey.

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Pins Boost Patch Sales


Irwin Sales carries lapel pins and iron-on patches, with military designs being among the most popular in the company’s line.

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Refund Saves Jobs

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the $10 billion business tax refund in the recent unemployment bill will help save retail jobs. The legislation will bring recession plagued retailers and other businesses more than $10 billion in badly needed cash by lengthening the period during which they can “carry back” current losses, to claim […]

Marketing Trends for 2010

Crystal ball

Researchers have predictive metrics that can identify and measure future consumer trends with uncanny accuracy.

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UPS Adds Web Printing Service


The UPS Store chain has launched an Internet service that lets customers design brochures, posters and other materials online, and then have them printed and prepared for pickup at a local UPS Store.

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Conserving for Profit


Conserving natural resources has become essential for a competitive economy in the 21st century. The economy and environment go hand-in-hand.

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Closeout Central Partners with TMC has been selected as the official wholesale directory of the Transworld Merchandise Center. Closeout Central, established by Sumner Communications Inc. in 1996, is the Internet’s oldest and most respected closeout directory. It is the sister site to the number one Alexa ranked wholesale web directory,, which draws the largest and most diverse audience […]