Walgreen's Shelves Plans to Sell Gene Tests


Thanks to a heads-up from the United States government, Walgreen’s will no longer be selling a controversial new over-the-counter genetic test kit, at least for the foreseeable future.

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Google to Start Selling E-Books


Google plans to open it’s e-book store, Google Editions, and enter into direct competition with companies such as Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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House Judiciary Committee Debates Credit Card Swipe Fees


The Credit Card Fair Fee Act of 2009 was the subject of a hearing of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee last week.

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Action on Death Tax

The head of the House Ways and Means Committee says he plans to begin work shortly on a permanent solution for the federal estate tax that was temporarily repealed for the year 2010. Other Bush Administration era tax cuts are also set to expire at the end of this year. “The sooner we do it […]

Small Biz Rebound?

Small businesses are showing signs of an economic rebound. This is the main finding of the recent Intuit Small Business Employment Index, a new monthly report that provides unique, near real time insight into employment trends of the smallest of small businesses. Mountain View, CA based, Intuit Inc., a leading small business payroll provider, based […]

New Gift Card Rules

Some small, mid sized and regional retailers who still set fees and expiration dates on gift cards could be affected by new card rules in August, 2010. That’s because The Federal Reserve is refusing to give retailers extra time to comply with new restrictions on gift card expiration dates, fees and disclosures, saying the rules […]

Owners Are Wary

There is little spring optimism in the hearts of more than half of America’s small business owners, who see conditions for their businesses getting worse in the next six months, according to Discover Small Business Watch, Discover’s monthly check on the pulse of business. After some upward trends for most of last summer and into […]

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Costco Copyright Infringement Case


The suit comes as a result of Costco’s reselling of luxury Swiss watches procured from third-party sources.

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Discount Retailers Make DC Inroads


Real estate research firm Delta Associates reports that the recent bankruptcy of many businesses in Washington, DC is resulting in an unexpected phenomenon.

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The Fourth Annual Record Store Day


Mom and pop record shops are few and far between these days, and that’s why the concept of Record Store Day came into being.

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