Discount Chain Recalls Toy Gun Sets


Dollar General Corp. has announced that it is officially recalling a series of toy sets due to a danger involving a faulty safety feature.

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Leisure Product Manufacturers Cautious as Spring Approaches


Leisure products appear to be on the verge of a comeback, but manufacturers warn that the rebound is a slow one.

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Major Retail Trends

CONSUMERS ARE focused on saving, not shopping. This trend will be compounded by the fact that unemployment will remain unusually high in 2010.

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Mystery Spending

One place where cash can simply disappear is while shopping. That’s according to a new survey commissioned by Visa Inc. U.S. consumers cannot account for an average of $21 per week in cash spending.

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Job Losses & Health Care

THE NATIONAL Retail Federation (NRF) expressed disappointment recently in the Senate passage of health care reform legislation, saying the measure does little to reduce costs for businesses, and is likely to result in further retail job losses.

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Estate Tax Expiration

THE CONGRESSIONAL tax writing committees have allowed the federal estate tax to expire on January 1, 2010.

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COVER Magazine, the leading business magazine for independent retailers, wholesalers and distributors, has launched its new online counterpart at

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Create an Eco Buzz: Sell Hemp

Hemp Products

It happens nearly every time; whether it is at a street fair, the New York Fashion Boutique Show, a store, or a Grateful Dead show, the first thing a person does when they encounter products made from 100 percent hemp fabric is pick it up and smell it.

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Retailer Lessons

WHAT HAVE RETAILERS learned from the recession?

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Gift Card Fraud Spikes

GIFT CARDS are easy for dishonest employees to exploit, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

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