Gift Card Fraud Spikes

GIFT CARDS are easy for dishonest employees to exploit, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

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Retail Container Volume

IMPORT CARGO volume could be on the upswing in early 2010, which bodes well for retailing.

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Banks Delaying Recovery

UNTIL U.S. BANKS are compelled to sell off distressed properties at significant losses, the retail property transactions market will remain in deadlock, executives said at the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) New York National Conference recently.

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Kohl’s Leads the Pack in Green Energy


Department store chain Kohl’s—the number-one ranking retailer as far as green power purchases—has gone to the next level.

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Bloomingdales to Open Outlet Stores


High-end retailer announced it will be taking its first steps into the off-price store arena.

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De Beers Taken to Court


Los Angeles jewelry manufacturer Orogem has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against diamond giant De Beers.

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Court Rules on FDA Regulation of E-Cigarettes


The electronic cigarette is currently in the midst of a still-unfolding court battle involving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Google Makes Waves with Its China Stance


Announcing radical changes to the way it does business in China, Google threatens to withdraw from the country if censorship isn’t relaxed.

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Macy’s Announces Five Store Closings for 2010, Down from Last Year


Macy’s has reported it will be closing five locations over the course of 2010. The closings are part of a store cutback that continues from last year.

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Target to Offer Club Savings Without Membership Fees


The nation’s second-largest discount retailer, Target, is rolling out an initiative called “The Great Save,” to boost business in tougher times.

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