Aromatherapy with L&V Creations

L&V Creations

Louis Santoni and his wife Valerie founded L&V Creations after he finished a successful career in the satellite television business.

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The Naked Bee: Operation Pollination

naked bee

Naked Bee is a wholesale manufacturer of natural body care products.

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Perfume Center of America Makes Environmentally-Friendly Move


Perfume Center of America (PCA) is a global leader in fine fragrance and health and beauty distribution.

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Bates Family Farm Natural Goat Milk Products

Bates Family Farm gift set

Bates Family Farm is a family and veteran owned and operated enterprise based out of the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

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HiDow International: Therapeutic Pain Relief

Hi-Dow kiosk in mall

With roughly one in three Americans suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis, many people are searching for alternative ways of finding relief instead of just masking symptoms.

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Give your Customers Premium Comfort with Authentic Bamboo Products

Premium Comfort

For years, all top quality bedding and bath supplies in China’s highest end hotels and boutique stores have been made out of bamboo.

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Matt’s Incense: Sweet & Spicy Success

Matt's Incense

In business for more than 20 years, Linda Simon of Matt’s Incense knows the intricacies of the demand for oils, incense, as well as hundreds of other items in the scented products category.

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Aromatherapy Support With a Faithful Twist

New Day Christian Distributors

For retailers interested in personal care products, the growing popularity of aromatherapy merchandise is a not-to-be-missed sales opportunity.

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Man up to Style with Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon Supply Company uncompromisingly addresses the growing men’s personal grooming market with their humorous and over-the-top macho marketing style.

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Experience a Trip to Greece with Kiklos Olive Oil

Kiklos Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a staple ingredient for many households, and if you are a retailer who carries this product you know how important it can be to your customers.

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