Premier Closeout Jewelry Offers Huge Profits

International Jewelry Designs Inc. (IJDI) rings

International Jewelry Designs Inc. (IJDI) supplies retailers with an array of top quality traditional, bridal and designer-inspired necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings, at both regular wholesale and closeout prices. The company also offers a collection of high-grade cubic zirconia pendants, earrings and rings, known as Aaron Lee Designs by IJDI. Coined, “The Look of Real,” the line is brass-based and plated with either a heavy genuine rhodium or 18k gold.

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Animal-Themed Accessories from

17Jun13_GM-1 is a wholesaler of an eclectic blend of hot ticket items, including animal inspired accessories, hats and caps, jewelry concepts and Murano glass jewelry, with new merchandise arriving on a regular basis. Known for its swirling color patterns and organic shapes, Murano glass is commonly formed into beads and pendants.’s customers can choose […]

Monster Trendz Supplies Latest Jewelry Trends

image of mustache jewelry

“Sometimes it’s whether or not a product captures teens’ attention,” says CEO Matt Huusko. “That, for me, is a good indication of where a trend is headed.”

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Sales One Inspires Holiday Jewelry Sales

Sales One Jewelry

The Inox line of jewelry, from Sales One, is composed of stainless steel, which doesn’t tarnish, is easy to clean, holds up over time and is affordable.

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Micro Pavé Sterling Silver Jewelry Offers Great Value

pave ring American Silver Collection

America’s Silver Collection carries an extensive line of sophisticated jewelry for both men and women.

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Universe of Energies Gets Metaphysical

universe of energies pendulum

Sassia Hollenberg launched the company to provide retailers with unique gifts and jewelry items, many of which are of a metaphysical nature.

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Alamode Fashion Jewelry

Image of Alamode Fashion jewelry wholesales a vast array of high quality merchandise, including thousands of rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

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Cornerstone Creations: Helping Through Wholesale

Paul and Linda Cahill got into the business of selling wholesale jewelry for a higher cause than simply enriching their own bank accounts. Rather, they started up Cornerstone Creations last year as a way of enriching the lives of those less fortunate, and so far the company has helped them do just that. Both ordained […]