Ridgeway: Custom American Novelties

bear knife stand by Ridgeway

Ridgeway has supplied unique, American-themed goods to retailers for over thirty years. Based out of Montana, Ridgeway offers raccoon fur hats, hunting and collectible knives, headwear, personalized t-shirts, leather goods, laser jewelry, antler products, sand-carved glassware and many other collectibles and novelties. [Read more]

Lounge in Character with Pinnacle International Agencies

Pinnacle Agencies

Pinnacle International Agencies is a wholesale distributor of licensed loungewear, accessories, and new lighting products. [Read more]

SJT Announces New Surfboard Plaques for 2016

SJT Enterprises

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, SJT announces the release of a new series of their popular decorative wooden surfboard plaques. [Read more]

The Original SelfieStick Here to Stay

Selfie Sticks

The selfie stick is a revolutionary product that has contributed to a popular change in the way people take photos. [Read more]

Kalan LP Keeping On Top of Trends

Kalan LP

Kalan LP has thousands of UPCs for sale in about 50,000 retail locations, and everything is united by one underlying theme. [Read more]

Licensed Movie Toys Selling Big

Quality Innovations

The year of 2015 will be an unforgettable one when it comes to movie releases. [Read more]

Valley Supply Inc.: 32 Years of Personal Service

Valley Supply Inc.

Based in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Valley Supply is a full-service novelty company that has been supplying everything from sunglasses to lighters to plush for 32 years. Mark and Mary Crippen have been running the company together for the past 24 years, with a focus on customer service and building relationships. “We want people to go online, but also to give us a call and speak to us in person while looking at the website,” Mark Crippen says. “We like to see what type of establishment they have, and if there’s something we might be able to show them.” [Read more]

Licensed Sports Items from Patter’s Collectibles

Licensed Sports Items from Patter’s Collectibles

Licensed sports products are popular sellers among men, women and children of all ages. Patter’s Collectibles caters to this category with a constantly refreshed and expanding line of specialized sports collectibles, novelties and apparel. [Read more]

Man Medals Novelty Pins and Magnets

Man Medals™ Novelty Pins and Magnets

Man Medals™ are a new way to poke fun at the guys. Rewarding men for taking out the garbage, picking up their dirty clothes, putting toilet paper on the holder, vacuuming, putting the toilet seat down and asking for directions, these novelty items are available with a pinned back or as refrigerator magnets. [Read more]

Heritage America Gifts & Souvenirs


Heritage America Gifts, by Morco, manufactures a unique line of gifts, including thermometers, rain gauges, slate clocks and license plates. “Our products are both functional and beautiful,” states David Hart, president.” Heritage America offers name drop printing, making its products popular giveaways for businesses as well gifts for consumers. “We have a wide spectrum of […]