Apparel from the Orient


Offering unique clothing and accessories imported from China, Oriental Apparel stocks items that can add an exotic touch to a ho-hum product line. [Read more]

Put Some Pine in Your Product Line


Best known for its log cabin incense burners, Paine Products supplies balsam fir-based products for individual and wholesale purchase. [Read more]

Wholesale Import Reaps Benefits of the Web


Memphis-based company caters to a customer base drawn primarily from the Internet. [Read more]

Electronics, Clothing and General Merch for Auction


A & W Surplus, a Fresno-based merchandise dealer, will be holding an online auction on Wednesday, February 10. [Read more]

Electronic Smokes from Garden Oasis

Electronic Cigarettes

IT IS OFTEN AMAZING where a new idea will come from. [Read more]

Total Display Resource


A critical question for many small business people with big dreams is: how do you take a bright idea that may start off in a garage or other less than ideal location, and grow it into a multi-million dollar company? [Read more]

The Patent Magic Plant Will Help Sales Grow


By selling a product that in one fell swoop creates a tradition, beautifies the environment and offers a truly, “magic moment,” kiosk operators can have an instant winner. [Read more]

PHI Beauty


This company supplies a line of hair straighteners for professional salon use, as well as for home use. [Read more]

Licensed Sports Gear at Closeout Prices


Specializing in closeouts and overruns of first quality and irregular products, Angelo’s Fashions is a wholesaler of sports merchandise. [Read more]

3D Moves Beyond Belts


The 3D Belt Company started producing its, “Authentic Cowboy Tough,” line of Western products in a 10 by 30 foot building in Schulenburg, Texas in 1988. [Read more]