Fortune Products: 35 Years of Excellence in LED Lighting

fortune products

Fortune Products brings professional quality battery operated LED products to retailers at an affordable cost. Based out of Lake Stevens, Washington, Fortune Products specializes in designing unique LED items for parties, events, home décor, weddings, and more. Sales manager Greg Hayenga says professional party planners and celebrity wedding planners use their LED décor, furniture, candles, and lighting in their designs.

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Surreptitious Drinker? You Can Hide It!

You Can Hide It

Unwilling to pay through the nose for a beer at a concert? Desperate to sneak some wine into a theater showing Minions?

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Fortune Products Help Plan Events With Ease

Fortune Products

Fortune Products is bringing a little Hollywood magic to the wedding and event planning business.

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Stockwell Greetings: Cards For Every Occasion

Stockwell greeting cards

Stockwell Greetings wants to make it easy to run a comprehensive, profitable greeting card department. The company has spent 20 years perfecting its support for retailers of all sizes, to help them design their greeting card section, maintain inventory, and choose cards that match their demographics. “The ideal retailer for Stockwell’s card programs is any retail venue or organization that would like to offer greeting cards as either a valued social expression for its customers, or as an alternative to a gift,” says Howard Goldsmith, Director of Business Development. “By offering greeting cards, the retailer provides a convenience and added value for its customers.”

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Stockwell Greetings Celebrates 20 Years

image of stockwell greetings

With more than 7,000 loyal buyers, Stockwell Greetings has mastered the art of sending heartfelt messages.

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Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons

  For retailers in the party business, the new line of Confetti Cannons from Tropical Sun Imports is sure to be a fast mover, with a high profit margin. “The idea is to help partygoers celebrate specific occasions like birthdays, graduations, or weddings,” says Hans Hisgen, managing partner at the Colorado Springs, CO, based company. […]