Patel Smoke: Complete Line of Tobacco and Smoking Products

Patel Smoke: Complete Line of Tobacco and Smoking Products

Patel Smoke knows its customers, mostly smoke and tobacco accessory shops, and makes a simple proposition: “We can beat anyone’s prices,” says manager Sharad Patel. “Our prices are definitely the cheapest.” [Read more]

Ultra Hybrid Vaping Accessories & E-cigs

Ultra Hybrid Vaping Accessories & E-cigs

With no signs of slowing down, the vaping market is continuing to boom, and Ultra Hybrid has some good advice for retailers looking to establish a profitable e-cigarette business. “In this industry, repeat business is everything,” says Sam Martinez, a manager with Ultra. “You’ve got to create customer loyalty and get repeat business. Once you get loyal customers, they’ll stop by every few days or every day.” [Read more]

Brassworld Zippo Products

Brassworld Zippo Products

All Zippo lighters are not created equal. In fact, there are several hundred designs. So when a retailer looks for a collection to sell, how exactly does one choose? [Read more]

Electronic Cigarettes On A Roll

Electronic Cigarettes On Roll

LanMark Wholesale, a division of LanMark Alternatives LLC, is a wholesaler of electronic cigarettes, from individual components to complete kits. “Ecigs are tremendous products that help free people from their addiction to tobacco cigarettes,” states Sandy Markman, co-owner. “They are becoming enormously popular.” [Read more]

Luxury Lites: Unsurpassed Quality in E-Hookahs & E-Cigarettes

Luxury Lites: Unsurpassed Quality in E-Hookahs & E-Cigarettes

Luxury Lites provides an extensive line of high quality alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. These include E-Cigarettes, both disposable and rechargeable, E-Hookahs and E-Cigars, as well as E-Juice and other accessories. [Read more]

Clear Smoke Puffs up Product Line


Industry experts say U.S. sales of electronic cigarettes could reach $1 billion this year. To meet this huge demand, Clear Smoke LLC is expanding its product line. “Tax hikes, smoking bans and health concerns are making alternatives to tobacco cigarettes extremely popular,” says Clear Smoke founder and CEO Tommy Hoang. “E-cigarettes are odorless, don’t require […]

AFG Expands in Vaporizers, e-Cigarettes and Pipes


AFG Distribution, formerly All Fun Gifts, was founded in 1999, and has grown to become a “One Stop Alternative Wholesaler.” The company distributes more than 8,000 products in 50 categories, and is constantly augmenting its selection of merchandise. AFG Distribution caters to an array of businesses, including tobacco outlets, convenience stores, clothing boutiques, spas and […]

Portable Hookahs

Hookah Portable

Hookah lounges are springing up in cities across the country, providing a unique social experience for those interested in smoking hookahs in a group setting. [Read more]

Premium Vapes Lights up the E-Cig Industry

image of premium vapes e-cigarette

Premium Vapes is making strides that are shaping the structure of the electronic cigarette industry. [Read more]

Green Smoke E-Cigs


Miami based e-cig distributor, Green Smoke, is a self-proclaimed pioneer in the now flourishing industry. [Read more]