Retailers Write Us

Are you an independent retailer?

Do you run a local or Main Street brick and mortar store? wants to hear your story! What’s going on in your industry, how do you feel about it and how can we help all independents succeed?

Below are some of the topics we are looking for:

  • Trends in your market
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Success stories
  • Customer wants and needs
  • Issues that need to be addressed

We are even open to press releases on the following topics:

  • Grand openings
  • Charity events
  • Legislative/local government debates and outcomes

Independent retailers with a story to SUBMIT can be listed as a contributor and offered a byline: name and email address. If desired, a business name and URL could be included at the editor’s discretion. For those with a story to TELL, an interview can be scheduled with the editor. Story ideas must be approved ahead of time. There is no guarantee that a story will be published.

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Contact the Content Editor directly to submit your first piece OR story idea.