Online Deals – Updated 6/28/2017

Summer Dresses & Tops Up To 50% Off
See what’s on sale and be sure to get them before they are gone! Unique and vintage dresses and tops up to 50% off. Free gift is included on all orders. Don’t miss out on this deal! Must create an account to see products and pricing.
Vocal Apparel
Your Savings Soar with our Closeout Sale!
We’re cleanin’ out the nest! An assortment of new men’s, women’s, and children’s blank and preprinted graphic apparel in many styles, sizes, and colors must go! Additional discounts are available for large quantity orders.
Eagle Products
Performing arts premium boxed Christmas cards with full color designs inside. Regular wholesale is $5.00 and for registered resellers the cost is only $3.50. Lasts as long as supplies last.Create account and click Excess Inventory Door!
LPG Greetings
Boxed Christmas Card Excess Inventory Deals!
sunglass assortment
Sunglass assortments for ladies and kids. Styles ranging from basic to high fashion are up for sale at any extremely affordable low cost – starting at only 50 cents per piece! Excellent Quality. Call for further details – 212-997-4433 ext.253
Fantas-Eyes Inc,
212-997-4433 ext.253