Award Winning Teething & Toothbrush Products

Award Winning Teething & Toothbrush Products

Live-Right Solutions designs and produces a selection of appealing infant-to-toddler gum massaging/toothbrush products. The family owned company launched in 2008 with the original Baby Banana® Teething Training Toothbrush, which was just named Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. [Read more]

Octo-brush: Unique Baby-to-Toddler Teether & Toothbrush

Baby Banana® Brush Octo-brush

Baby Banana® Brush, a family owned and operated business, brings gum massaging and tooth brushing into one infant-to-toddler friendly activity. The company’s line of brushing and teething products is designed to promote healthy oral care habits from the earliest possible age. [Read more]