Make the Grade with Back to School

Back to School

It’s almost summer, but back to school will be here before you know it. Over the past few years, timelines for back to school shopping have continued to spread. [Read more]

Five Tips for Getting an A+ in Back-to-School Marketing

back to school

Back-to-school shopping can be a lucrative selling period for merchants, especially if you plan ahead, explore new channels, and execute with “automagic” technology. [Read more]

Supplier Envy: Improving Retailer Supply Chains

Supplier Envy

Retailers have one job: get consumers what they need, when they need it. Sounds simple, right? In reality, retailers have to satisfy consumer demands while simultaneously keeping costs down and growing profits. [Read more]

Back to School Shopping in the Omni-Channel Era

5 Tips to Attract Back-to-School Shoppers

Back-to-school shopping is much different from what it was even a few years ago. Shoppers now have real-time dynamic information in hand, and are making shopping decisions faster. Many retailers are trying to keep up with the frenetic pace of today’s shopper, and struggling with how to execute effective promotional and pricing strategies across the myriad channels consumers use. [Read more]

Back-to-School Buying Fuels Online Sales Growth

Back-to-School Buying Fuels Online Sales Growth

Back-to-school buying fueled substantial online sales gains from July through the third week in August, according to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark. As some retailers rolled out back-to-school promotions ahead of the Fourth of July and employed campaigns similar to their Cyber Monday and Black Friday promotions, department stores saw an increase in online sales of 33 percent over last year, powered by a 40 percent increase in mobile sales this July. [Read more]

An Independent Retailer’s Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

An Independent Retailer’s Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

By Jon Stine, Director Retail, Cisco Consulting Services At Cisco, we work with many industry leading retailers and educators across the country to help them connect with consumers, students, parents and faculty. We watch closely any technology trends that show an increased adoption and what this means for our customers. Of late, we see infinite […]

5 Tips to Attract Back-to-School Shoppers

5 Tips to Attract Back-to-School Shoppers

Back-to-school promotions are well underway at major retailers, but there is still ample opportunity for small and midsize merchants to succeed in this competitive market. The key is to find ways to stand out from the big guys. Now is the time for online sellers to optimize their eCommerce sites to attract shoppers and increase sales. [Read more]

New Survey Compares Back-to-School and Black Friday Shopping Behavior


When it comes to back to school shopping, moms prefer a hybrid approach, using a mix of online and in-store approaches, according to a new survey by Wanderful Media®, the company behind Find&Save®. However, 62 percent say less than one quarter of their back-to-school shopping will be done online, and only two percent plan to shop exclusively online. Of course […]

Consumers Plan to Spend Smart This Back-to-School Season


More than two thirds of consumers (68 percent) plan to spend up to $500 this back-to-school shopping season, according to the PriceGrabber® 2013 Back-to-School Survey, and classic school supplies and clothing top their lists.  This is up significantly from 2011, when just 48 percent of consumers surveyed said they would spend up to $500, and […]

Back-to-School Retail Sales to Increase


Retailers can expect parents to shop and spend more during the upcoming back-to-school season than they did last year, according to ShopperTrak. National retail sales, when compared to the same period last year, are expected to rise 4.3 percent in August, and retail foot traffic will increase 0.6 percent. “Back-to-school shopping is the first major […]