Independent Bookstore Day is a National Party

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The fourth annual Independent Bookstore Day is taking place on Saturday, April 29th to celebrate all the unique indie bookstores around the country. This is a one-day national party where each individual bookstore celebrates in different ways with live music, authors, cupcakes, scavenger hunts, kids events, art tables, readings, barbeques, contests, and other fun things. […]

Newbourne Media Adult Coloring


Newbourne Media’s “Color With Music” and “Color Your Way To Calm” adult coloring book series are designed to enhance the calming and relaxing experience of coloring.

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Personalized Toys Perfect for Any Age

Sing Your Name Now

From plush animals and story book CD’s to clocks and music, any product from Sing Your Name Now Co.’s line will get the kids excited to have their own personalized toy.

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Targets of Revenge Scores Big


Independent retailers are always looking for that great add-on item and, with the summer season just about to shine, what better than a good read. Everyone loves to be immersed in a thriller, and Targets of Revenge, Jeffrey Stephens’ third novel in a series, provides the swift pace, powerful punch and global intrigue to captivate […]

DoodleMark Bookmark


Just as teachers have been emphasizing for decades, research has proven that children who write as they read show a marked improvement in their literacy skills. Launched in 2010, DoodleMark, a bookmark redefined, is an interactive tool for young and early readers to increase reading comprehension and retention. The DoodleMark clips to any book and […]

Books Remain Popular Among Readon’s High Margin, Impact Products

Children's Book

Even in an increasingly digital world, Readon’s book offers continue to be successful high margin, impact products.

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Survival Story: Independent Bookstores Making a Comeback in New York City


Despite mega-book outlets and their huge ad campaigns, small independent bookstores are surviving and thriving by being nimble enough to change.

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A Light In The Night

Combining the soft feel of a child’s stuffed animal with a warm glow to fight nighttime fears, Creatively Classic’s new, “A Light in the Night,” product is a book, a plush, and nightlight all in one. According to managing partner, Chanda Bell, “This is a product that really does relate to every child at some […]