Bottle Docker Beverage Carrier

Bottle Docker® Beverage Carrier

The Bottle Docker® is a personal bottled beverage carrier that slips onto a waistband for hands-free hydration. Consumers use it to carry plastic or aluminum beverage containers on shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, workout gear, tankini bottoms and swim trunks. The product fits soft drink and water bottles that are 24.3 to 28 millimeter in size, which encompasses 85 to 90 percent of bottled beverages on the market.

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Bottle Docker


Bottle Docker is a personal bottle beverage carrier, and although it may not be the first, it is one of the most innovative. What makes Bottle Docker different is that it can slip right onto the waist, without necessarily requiring a belt or belt loop to work. It also folds flat, so it can be […]