Protecting Your Brand on Amazon

woman holding tablet with amazon logo

“Everyone is looking to both grow or start and protect their Amazon revenue stream,” explains Scott Margolius, founder of product research tool INDBL and online retailer consultant with Feedback Repair. [Read more]

Why E-Retailers Need to Ditch the Brown Box

Retail packaging

For emerging retailers, remaining relevant in their respective markets can be challenging due to growing competition. [Read more]

Top Six Ways To Improve Your Company’s Presence on Twitter


Twitter is evolving and changing. The origins of Twitter date back to the mid 2000′s when its main purpose was to be a micro blogging system where users could make an update to friends and colleagues in 140 characters or less. [Read more]

Does Your Brand Image Match Its Personality?

Company Branding

There is nothing worse than seeing a business with a great idea and concept fail to communicate successfully to their audience due to a lack of consistent branding. [Read more]

Integrated Marketing: Why You Can’t Live Without It

Integrated Marketing

In the wake of the rapidly changing digital age, the customer journey is more complex than ever. Customers are making buying decisions differently. Their path to purchase usually starts online, window-shopping on websites for products they need or desire. [Read more]

Great Customer Experience Essential For Holidays

Customer Experience

If retailers focus on one thing this holiday season, it should be improving the online customer experience. Anyone in customer service would probably say that this is a no-brainer, but with the past few holiday seasons focused heavily on online and mobile shopping, it seems that retailers have strayed from the heart of what makes a fantastic retailer-customer relationship: a personalized shopping experience. [Read more]

Characteristics of Good Home Pages

Characteristics of Good Home Pages

The home page plays an important role in the overall picture of a successful ecommerce site. It often sets the tone for the rest of the visitor experience, and is typically the page visitors will return to in order to reacquaint themselves. [Read more]

How to Brand Your Website

How to Brand Your Website

What is a brand? We can all easily name a few quickly. These brands permeate our culture on all modes of communication, like billboards, TV, digital and print. These top of mind companies may include newer brands, or ones that have existed for decades. [Read more]

Create Packaging That Carries Your Brand

Create Packaging That Carries Your Brand

The shopping bag’s days as a purely utilitarian tool are over. In fact, some marketers say that the shopping bag is as important as the goods inside. It can deliver advertising messages, act as a souvenir, or serve as gift wrap. [Read more]

Attracting Customers with Unique Advertising and Displays

Attracting Customers with Unique Advertising and Displays

In store advertising, just like every other type of advertising, asks the question, “How do I capture customers’ attention and keep it?” If you are an independent retailer, manufacturer or product designer that retails through this channel, it is important to answer this question. Competing for attention in a smaller shop can be especially challenging without the ample square footage larger retailers have. Here are some creative ideas for in-store advertising to increase engagement and sales. [Read more]